Story time

Emma letting me read her a book, she had to pick out one that was about a MOUSE (for those that don't know- that is my worst fear! the MOUSE not reading to Emma)
Spencer doing a puzzle
Spencer & Mya doing puzzles
Emma & Mya listening at storytime
Today Holly & I took the kids to story time at the Library. I think we were the only ones not in a day care.


Holly 3:06 PM  

we had a blast...we for sure want to go again!

jessica 4:00 PM  

it kind of annoys me that day cares go to story time places. can't they just have story time there and go somewhere else for a trip? or have their own story time?
maybe i'm just a real jerk.
we are going to story time tomorrow. jackson found my library card saturday and walked around pretending to check out books.

The Tall and Short of it 8:17 PM  

Looks like so much fun! Maybe sometime the Witkamp girls can tag along with you??!! Let me know when you plan to go next.