This boy is crazy ......but he is OURS

We were spending family time driving around one day and Spencer grabbed Emma's sweater and put it over his head like this. But that was not the funny part, the funny part was all the giggling and laughing he was doing because he thought he was sooo cute..........well he was!
Thanks Spencer for making our day a little brighter!

Valentines Day

I got flowers too but she was so excited! She kept saying, "Daddy was so sweet to get me these flowers!"

Scrap Book Retreat

This is my friend Holly and myself at the scrapbook retreat we went to a few weeks ago. I am a little behind in posting if you can't tell. We had a great time being catered every meal. It was great not to have to cook a single meal or clean up after it. I was so tired when I got home. Holly & I stayed up every night till 2am just talking. Then she found out I snore and she is still talks to me, what a great friend. Thanks Holly for a fun weekend.

'Nuff Said

I can confirm that these are real, I ate almost the whole bag (I let others taste them too), and that they do have a bit of a game-y taste.

They are from the UK.

Walker's Crisps - Cajun Squirrel

Where have I been????????

Well if you are wondering why I have not posted lately, there are many reasons. One is that my kids have been horrible. They have been fighting non- stop, and yesterday Emma pulled my dresser down on her and cut her finger with my brand new knives. YIKES! After all that she is going to survive but boy did she give me a scare.

Emma also started Playschool. It is on Mon & Wed from noon to 2:30pm. She loves it. I wish it were longer but that is all we can do right now. Monday was her first day and she did great.

Also I have not been able to find my camera charger cord. So if anyone knows where it is let me know. My camera is now dead and waiting to be brought back to life.

Last friday was my birthday and I turned 30. Not sure how I feel about that. It is no big deal I guess. My big gift was that I got to go to a scrapbook retreat the weekend before. Holly and I had a great time. We stayed up both nights till 2am talking. So I was tired after my vacation but it was nice to get away and have all your meals cooked for you. I was ready to get home to my husband and kids.

Since I have no recent pictures, this is a picture from Valentines Day 2005 I am pretty sure. It is Emma with her cousin Kristen.

Day (well I have lost track now) of sleeping in YOUR own bed

Well last night Emma slept all night. (till 6am). Spencer woke up once I think and I put him back in his bed. He woke up at 5am.

Jessica, they are both sleeping in Spencer's room. That bedroom only has one window and it is covered by a blackout curtain- so it is dark in there. Spencer has always been an early riser.

So cute- Emma said last night before she fell asleep. "Mom, I love bedtime because I am so tired."

Hope yall have a great day!
PS Fuzzy Taco is super Yummy!

Everything that is old is new again...

Honestly, everyone who voted for Obama on the premise that he would bring "change" to Washington, time to realize you've been duped. You didn't do your homework and so we are all going to suffer if this so called stimulus bill gets passed. Mr. HopeAndChange should be right up front in saying that pork doesn't belong in the stimulus bill.

From CNN.

I don't think McCain would've done better either....nor do I think most of these things are bad, I just think they are bad in a bill that is being rushed through congress on the grounds that it will stimulate the economy. Put them in their own bill and let them be debated for what they are. I just find it funny that no one is calling Obama on the carpet for this mess, they would've done that to Bush in a heart beat. Enjoy the change!