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I finally taught myself how to french braid. Emma's hair is now pretty long and I love playing with it & doing new things with it. She does not like it as much as I do. You can look on my side bar and go to the 2 hair sites I have linked and learn how to do this yourself.
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Girls, Girls

A while back me and the girls had a fun girls night out. I just realized I never blog about things after they actually happen. Oh well who cares right. Anyway we went to Cheesecake Factory and saw a chick flick! It was great just spending time with friends. I am so grateful to know I have people I can count on! Love yall.
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Happy Fathers Day

I just want to do a VERY LATE (don't judge me) Father's Day post to my husband. He is such a great father and husband. I am so grateful for his patience with our children and me. He works very hard to make us all happy. What I love best is when he comes home from work tired and the kids miss him & want to play with him & he still makes time for them. I also love when he takes one child to the store etc. to give me a break. We love u daddy!
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Happy Belated Fathers Day

Second, Happy Fathers Day to my father in law. He is such a loving example. I feel blessed to have him in our lives.

Last of all Happy Father's day to our sweet dad. Sometimes I take this wonderful Dad for granted. He works so hard, in so many ways to make us all happy. I am truly grateful for the great example he is to me.


I've Been Tagged
by my real life friend Marica

Whats his name? Daddy, Honey or Steve

How long have you been together? married 61/2 years

How long did you date? 2 &1/2 years but we both served missions that over lapped during most of that time.

How old is he? 28

Who eats more? he does

Who said I love you first? I can't remember but it was probably on one of the tapes sent home from his mission.

Who is taller? Him, by about 5-6 inches

Who sings better? we both can to sing but neither are soloists

Who is smarter? I will say he is much smarter and retains facts and processes much better -- but I have the 'street' smarts

Who does he laundry? I do

Who pays the bills? He does.

Who sleeps on the right side? looking at the bed he does. We had to switch sides cause mine was the more comfortable side (no drooping) & he was getting no rest for work.

Who mows the lawn? Even though I hate it, I do most of the time. Then he edges & blows.

Who cooks dinner? Me. unless I am not in the mood, he likes to cook

Who drives? When we are together always him, I like it that way & so does he.

Who is more stubborn? me

Who kissed who first? He kissed me during the movie Alladin

Who proposed? Him. Behind the Baton Rouge Temple (beautiful back there

Who has more friends? I guess me-- were not as social as I would like to be

Who is more sensitive? well, I show it more but we both are

Who has more siblings? Him.

Who wears the pants? We do.

I tag anyone who wants 2 do it.

Emma in her favorite nightgown! Posing for the camera!
39 LBS AND 41 INCHES TALL. Emma had a doctors visit yesterday and is going like a bean!
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Spencer Time Out

Yes my son is 19 months old and yes we have started putting him in time out when he does things that he is not supposed to. I just thought he looked so darn cute sticking his nose in the corner. It is actually kinda funny, he will go to the corner when I tell him to. I am not sure how long that will last, probably not too long. SHOUT OUT TO THE SUNNYVALE FIRE DEPT. Uncle David got that for the kids last year. It is still really big on Spencer he wears it to bed.
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Here are more current pics of the swingset. Notice the climbing (rock) wall. Also the other swing is up.
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Swingset Revealed

Here are pictures of the swingset Steve & his dad have been working so hard on. Grandma has helped too. It is not completely finished but the kids are still having a ton of fun. When it is completed I will post another pic of it. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa & Daddy!
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Visit from Grandma & Grandpa

We have been busy because Steve's parents have been in town for a visit. We went to the Zoo yesterday and here are some pictures. Mostly the men have been busy building a new swing set for the children. I will post a picture when they are done. The have been working so hard and we are so thankful.

More fun pictures from Baton Rouge Part II

- Steve :)
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More fun pictures from Baton Rouge

- Steve :)
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More pics from BR. The first is a view of Baton Rouge, second is the famous fountains downtown and here is a picture of Spencer's head. He had 5 staples on Thursday night the day before we left for the Baton Rouge trip. It was really scary for me because I am the one that dropped him outside, but we were blessed and he is ok. Needless to say we thought we should take him with us. He gets them removed on Father's Day.

Also I wanted to say we missed Emma so much. She had so much fun with Grandma & Aunt Kelly, Kristen & Nevaeh. They went bike riding, park with sand box, play ground, Aquarium, etc. She had so much fun. Thanks so much to my awesome Mom & sister who are always willing to watch my child. It was awesome when we picked up Emma she ran to me & said, "mommy (with so much love & excitment in her voice) We had truly missed her and were so glad to get our big hugs. She grew up so much in 3 days.
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More on the BR trip

Well the pictures below are just a few that Steve took during our stay in Baton Rouge. He had fun with his camera.

Spencer screamed on the entire plane ride to Baton Rouge and was great on the way back. He did pretty well over all. He loved getting all the attention for once from both of his parents.

Both weddings, Brent & Robin and Fern & Candace, were awesome. We had so much fun seeing everyone from Baton Rouge. It was a great opportunity to visit with friends.

At Fern & Candace's wedding I almost cried it was so neat to see them two finally enter into the sweet covenant of marriage. We are so happy for them.

Other side noted from our trip: I left my book, "the bean trees" by Barbara Kingsolver, on the plane.....oh man....was my exact wording when I realized I left it.

Also we ate at a few yummy places while we were there, Raising Canes and Steve got his crawfish fix at Sammy's.

We got to see Indiana Jones. It was awesome & I actually got to see it all while at the same time entertaining Spencer. It was a really good movie. Lots of action!

Also we walked around LSU, took lots of pictures, saw our old house & our first apartment.

We also got a free upgrade on the rental car, so we got an SUV, fun!

We are still recovering from the early mornings. When I say early we had to get up at 3:30am to make our flights.

Glad to be home in Texas. We both decided we are glad we are here. We love our home!

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Baton Rouge Trip

Steve & Spencer on our BR Trip. We had 2 weddings in 2 days. We had a blast but now it is back to work and daily life.
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Warning: You may only read this post if you will make an oath not to JUDGE me.

Ok I warned you:
This is just what I wanted to do to so many people today.

It began at 7am at the Honda dealership getting our car fixed. (by the way we did not leave until 10:15) The shuttle guy came & asked if any one wanted a ride. I knew we would at least be there for 2 hours or more so I said yes we want to go to the mall. He proceeded, in a nasty tone, to discourage me from going. I just said "never mind, it sounds like you don't want to take us."

The next person I wanted to "stick my tounge out" to was the lady that came up to me and said, "you know they have a playroom for the kids to go to. HAHAHA you don't think I know that. But instead of sticking out my tounge, I just told her that we had already been in there for an hour and the kids were bored of it.

The next person I wanted to "stick my tounge out" to was the woman at the pool that keep pulling her kids away from Emma because she was splashing. She also kept giving her dirty looks. I am so sorry but you are in a pool and you will get wet. I eventually just had to leave because it was soooooo annoying and Emma would not stop slashing. Imagine that.

PS. Maybe we should just stay home.