October Dinner Groups

We do dinner groups in our ward and last night we hosted. We had the 3 couples come. We made gumbo, rice and bread. Steve cooked most of the meal. It was yummy. Then we played the bean game. We had a blast! Thanks to my mom and sister for watching the kids for us. We love yall!

I made this Frankenstein. We though he looked a lot like the veggie tales character.

More Decorations
This is our table, all ready for quests. Thanks to Holly for letting me borrow some decorations.
Emma colored these Halloween pictures and they hang on my fridge.
My mom & sister made these cookies for us. Cute hu!
This is the corn husk wreath I made a few weeks ago with Colleen and Holly.
This is the sign I asked my friend Holly to paint the letters. She did a great job.
I made these cupcakes for the occasion.


nikko 11:51 AM  

Your house is always so pretty and clean and clutter free. I love it!

I'm glad you had a great time. :o)

Colleen 1:27 PM  

Wow, you are turning into Martha Stewart, too!! lol, I guess I need remedial classes!

Farrah 6:06 PM  

That looks like a very nice dinner party! how fun!

txmommy 6:51 PM  

so cute! I love your Frankenstein!!

Allyson 10:27 AM  

Looks like so much fun. You must tell us what the bean game is.

Kelly 8:22 AM  

everything looks great!
i love your house!
i love the trick or treat signs!!!
i love everything!!! : )
when and IF i ever get married.... we are coming to your dinner parties! sounds like fun!!!

The Texas Bakers 9:25 PM  

loved the dinner, decorations, and esp the cookies!! thanx for hosting!