Emma has been in gymnastics for the last few months. She has for the most part enjoyed it and learned a lot. She has a natural talent and her teacher says she is really good. I am able to see how she compares to the other kids only in the last 5 min of class when all the parents get to come in and watch the kids do a move or a trick. Emma did a dive roll (using the props) all by her self. All the other kids needed help or could not even do it right when they had help. I am aloud to be biased I am her mom.

Well the last few weeks she has been misbehaving and we have not known weather to take her out or not. But today she had a great day and we have talked about it and decided to keep her in. We don't want her to be a quitter and we want her to have something that she loves. So we are excited that things are back on track after many talks with her and her teacher. I know we will have bad days here and there but hopefully they will be less and less as she grows.


Marissa 1:00 PM  

So Fun! I think it is awesome that she loves it, but I can only imagine that it is hard to teach her how to act when you are not there! Sydney is having that problem with Sharing-it isn't really happening yet! :)

Allyson 8:11 PM  

I just read your status on FB and had to come see the new background. Back to the digital thing, eh? Steve, Steve, Steve. Let your wife be in charge of the blog background. Trust me.

Kathy 6:38 AM  

Thank you Ally for your support. He just does not understand. lol