Rantings & The Upsides

Ok so warning I will be letting off a little steam in this post, nothing to terrible just some little frustrations.

1. I have been up since 4:30am. My little boy got up at this time (he is cutting more teeth) and so I have been cleaning all morning.The upside is I have gotten a lot done and my house is pretty clean.

2. I have had the itch to create something. For some reason I wanted to make a teddy bear or doll for Emma. So today I got out my sewing machine and whipped one out. You might be thinking, "oh how creative she is" well before you let your imagination run away from you, & your jealousy over take you, let me assure you it is horrific!!! I am too ashamed to even post a picture of it because it is sooooo ugly. Well the upside is that Emma said, "I love my teddy bear, I am going to name her Simbalee" & she is playing with it right now. She is happy!

3. All morning there has been this loud car driving back & forth by my house. I just figured out it is the neighbor about 3 houses down. I am sick of hearing a really loud engine. It is driving me CRAZY! The upside is when I put my headphones on I don't hear it!!!

So tell me about your rantings and then see if you can find an UPSIDE to it all.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day!


nikko 4:22 PM  

I want to see the teddy bear! Good for you for whipping something up and heeding your creative urges. LOL. :o)

Holly 9:03 PM  

Okay my rant is this: I hate it when my husband comes home from work and says "Hey honey...what have you done today?"...I know he is just trying to talk to me innocently after the day is over...but I HATE it when all I have to say is "oh I dont know...sat here, put out fires all day with the kids, didn't find time to even shower, fed the baby 4 or 5 times, turned on about 10 shows for Mya to watch cause I was too busy with the baby to do anything else with her..." It ends up feeling like a confession of all the things I did that day that I could have done better given the time or energy. I guess the upside to this is that I have a husband who cares...but C'MON!

Colleen 9:06 PM  

hmmm...my rantings? TODAY it is: Why will my son not sleep anymore? He used to sleep through the night and take 2-3 one hour naps, with the midday nap up to 2.5hours. Now, I'm lucky if he sleeps through the night 3 times a week, he only takes one nap a day, and it is barely an hour! Plus, he is cranky but won't go down for any longer than this. I have no excuse. He is not teething, not sick, I don't know what is going on, except that I may have inadvertently trained him to wake up in the night because I keep getting up with him, so now I have to be bad mommy and make him put himself back to sleep as I painfully hear him cry for what feels like forever! All things considered, it is as if he senses that this is the worst possible timing for mommy for him to plan a sleep strike! Today I dozed off for 15 min patting a kid's back at naptime! (All kids were asleep, but still dangerous!)