I see a Sea Horse

Emma has a Family project a school where they had to choose an animal that lives in the ocean and make a project and share with the class 3 facts about the animal. So we chose to make a stuffed sea horse and it is going to help her tell her story! We had fun working together on this project!

Because I have the best husband ever.....

Because I have the best husband ever......he sometimes takes the kids and does something fun with them so I can have time at home...alone....its awesome......I know....
So here is their trip to Ft Worth Botantic Gardens a while back.

the kids posing as daddy is putting the topping on the crisp, they helped me peel all the apples that went into it
cranberry Apple crisp before the crisp was put on. Thanks central market for having what no other store did (frozen whole cranberries) we love you!

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