A few things we did while dad was gone

Steve was in Denver all week last week and we missed him. The kids wanted to wash his car. And we also made homemade personal pizzas one night. We were glad to have him home. Last Thursday Emma had her open house and Literacy Night at school, I forgot to take pictures but it was a fun night!

10 year anniversary

We went to IKEA last saturday and picked up this for our bedroom. Steve made me the jewelry box (above) for our 10 year anniversary which was in January. After the jewelry box was complete we realized there was not a great place in our room to put it. Our dresser was the only place, but it was too high up. So we found this awesome table that is also doubling as our night stand. Love it! Is he talented or what. I love my jewelry box it is awesome!

Chore chart idea

Don't you just love this chore idea. You can even leave off the $ if you don't do money for chores. That is what I am doing. I am going to make this for my family. Funny, I just noticed that the kids initials are the same as my kids! Love it!