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This is December of 2006 Emma and Spencer. I can't believe how small they were.
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10 more days till my Utah trip

Well it is official I am going to be in Salt Lake on Dec 5 & 6. My sister in law Ali is going to the Temple and I get to be there with her and my mother in law.

The last time I was there was at least 7 years ago. I am not sure I even remember. I am excited to visit with my family and friends! And best of all I am going alone. So MOM gets a break! Yeah!


This weekend I took Emma to gymnastics Friday, and Steve worked from home. Then Emma and I went to Sams to buy the yummy spiral honey ham.

Saturday we had the primary activity. It went smoothly thanks to the help of the former Pres. members. We made magnets with the kids pictures on them and also had a spiritual message and Indian headband and turkey picture. Also we had a snack for them. It was busy and fun. The kids are so cute.

Then we cleaned house as a family. Then we all went to best buy and walked around drooling at all the things we want and can not afford.

Popcorn Popping


Today Spencer got his shots and we went to the bank and to Hobby Lobby. Now though Sat all their scrap booking stuff is 50% off. Just thought I would let everyone know.

Life is Good

Well I just have to say that I do love my new calling. I am grateful to serve the children in Primary and learn from them. I think I know why Kriste said they were not really ready to leave the calling. It is fun and uplifting and busy and so many things. But mainly I am excited at the opportunities I have to grow. Hopefully it will help me to be a better wife, mom and friend. Well I wanted to write more but Emma is in the other room crying. I better go console her. Bye for now.


This week has been really busy. Monday Emma & I made these. Emma made her own.
Tues night I got to play volley ball for 2 hours. It was so fun. I came was sore the next day with a few lovely bruises.
Wednesday I helped out with a cub scout meeting.
Thursday I had enrichment. It was a very spiritual night.
Friday I had scrap booking at my house. Colleen & Holly came and we had a blast. Friends are great. We laughed and Coleen sang for us. LOL
Sat morning I took Emma to Caleb's birthday party. After about 30 min of the jumping party she started to complain that her stomach hurt. I tried to get her to leave but she would not. So after the party on the way home she threw up on herself in the car seat. Poor thing she only had water in her system so it was not that bad. I knew she was sick when she did not eat her cake or chocolate ice cream. LOL Poor baby. The good news is she was feeling fine after that and she never got sick again. Then later that afternoon we headed to Sams and did a few other errands and did not get home until after 7pm. We were all so tired and ready to come home. Now it is Sunday evening. I gave sharing time in Primary. Went to Chior almost directly after church, then went to a Priesthood Preview at 5pm. Now it is 9:20 and the kids are in bed and Steve is on the phone with his mom while I am typing here on the blogggggggggg. Yeah I am tireeeeeeeeeeed.

Although not tired enough to mention my sister in law ALI and her BF JL are getting married in January. So her brother Rich is getting married the day after christmas in DC Temple and she will be married a few weeks later in Manti Temple. Thank goodness Steve works for American so we can be there. We are so excited for both of YALL! CONGRATS!

Once there was a snowman

On a happier note. This is Spencer singing once there was a snowman, with a little help from mom.

On time TEETH.

Well this is what we have been dealing with lately. Spencer just turned 2 and his 2 year molars waited till one week after his birthday to begin to make themselves known. He is drooling uncontrolably and fussier than ever before. This is a new level of frustration (for him and me). I feel so bad for the little guy. He keeps rubbing and pointing to his teeth in the back and saying "eeth". Which means "teeth".

We also went to the doctor the this morning for his 2 yr old check up and he said we can give him Motrin for his teeth. But he was already on it cause he has also had a fever since monday. Doctor said Spencer is 29 lbs and doing well. He is in the 75% for height and weight. So those are the stats on our little man. Hopefully he will be feeling better sooooooooon!
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DO the DO

Like the new do?
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Back to the good ole ZOO

Emma fishing in that new building.
Spencer and Emma feeding their birds.
Spencer holding a bird.
Emma showing off her bird.

Last Saturday we took the kids to the zoo. We went to see the birds and then we went in a building right after the petting zoo, that I had never been in before. It is right behind that stagecoach. Well you walk into the building and sit down and watch this little show. It was so neat it actually rains on you and shows you other weather (gets dark, sky changes). It was neat. We had a fun family day.

Haircuts 1,2,3

Spencer Emma & I all got haircuts today from a friend in the ward. I got it cut once then about 30 min later wanted to go shorter. Here it is not really styled yet.

Celebrating Spencer's Birthday

I made Spencer's cake. It was last minute but fun to do.
He would not sit in the high chair. So he stood.
The kids playing with Spencer's gifts.
We also had the Elders over for dinner.

Spencer Turns 2 Years old

Today Spencer turns 2. We are so blessed to have him in our family. He is such a sweet little boy.
He loves playing with his sister and being around mom & dad. He is good about going to his nursery class on sundays and we don't have to worry. He loves playing outside and has recently learned that he loves candy. Yikes! We love him so much!

Trunk or treat & Micah's bday party

Emma & Spencer at our friend Micha's 1st bday party, taking a swing at the pinata.

Emma & Spencer at the ward trunk or treat.