changes for the better

As you might have noticed I made a change on the side bar by adding my friends and family's blogs. I am putting them up randomly from memory so if yours is not there please leave a comment with your blog address so I can add it. I don't want to miss any ones blog. Thanks for your help!

8 yrs & forever

So do you like my new hair do? Well it was all part of the surprise I had for my husband for our 8 anniversary. I also got new makeup. Now you might say this is a little selfish & it is but he is always saying how he wants me to get highlights and what man does not want his wife to look good! Well I took him out to Texas De Brazil. It was so awesome. They have an amazing buffet with yummy things like sushi, shrimp, grilled provolone cheese, atichokes, olives, salad, salami, lobster bisque, etc etc.

Then when you are done with the buffet you turn over your card to green and then the guys start bringing out the meat. We counted like 10 different types: lamb, ribeye, top silon, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, sausage, flank steak, house special etc etc. It was so yummy!
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New curtains

We found these curtains at IKEA in the AS IS bin, for $3.99 each (there are 4 of them). We saved for a bit to get the curtain rods from target. Steve got them and put them up on sat while I took Emma to the zoo. I was so surprised when I came home. I had to hem them and iron them but I am so glad they are done. They make our bedroom look nice.

Patchwork Skirt

I made this cute skirt for Emma from this website:

Grandma & Grandpa Fowler's visit

So we got to have G & G Fowler visit for a day while they were on their way to Utah for baby Rich's blessing. While they were here we went to the new Ft Worth Children's Museum. It was so much fun! They had pretend horses you can ride, and a trolley car that has a moving video along the wall (so it feels like you are moving while a voice is your guide). They had a huge train track area. A plantetarium (that we got to go see). Also a 3D movie. It was awesome. They have some water thing and dino dig outside but it was too cold. We did not have enough time to do it all since we got started later. But it was so much fun, we all enjoyed it.

Then we came home and I made crepes. Which were so yummy and everyone ate them up! Then we all sat around and played Uno. Now we told G & G Fowler that we played Uno with Spencer for the 1st time last week at FHE and he beat us. So we played with them and Spencer won the 1st game, the 2nd game and the 3rd game! We were laughing so hard, not really because he won but because before each game he told his Grandpa who was sitting next to him "I am gonna win" (pictured above-face to face pictures) cause this is how he told him-face to face. It was funny!


For Family Home Evening we had a lesson about the Holy Ghost and how he is our guide and played "Red Light, Green Light" (because the Holy Ghost warns us like a red light and encourages us on like a green light). Then we made a small batch of snow ball cookies. We had some fighting but a lot of fun. Everyone liked the cookies except mom. I am a food snob, sorry. The lesson and entire idea came from this neat website my cousin Allyson's ward (Utah) is doing,