How to make blocks


First you cut the block of wood, then sand off the edges.

Then you cut scrapbook paper to the same size as the front of your block. Then you get Modge Podge and glue the paper on with a very thin layer. Also modge podge over the top of the paper and the rest of the block to seal it all in. This also helps protect you from splinters. Then wait for it to dry (if you do a thin layer it only takes 5 or 10 min to dry). Then you lightly sand edges again to give it a rough or torn look. Then you stencil the letters on with black magic marker. Then modge podge glue the spiders or pumpkins (little confetti) on. Then tie the ribbon around it. It is super easy. I am also going to make more for other holidays. I could not believe how easy it was!

Also you can put your kids pictures on there & it works the same. Our stake primary presidency also made I am a child of God blocks for all the primary kids. They actually painted the blocks and then added stick on letters and glued a picture on back of Jesus. All the same concept with a different twist. Here is a picture of the front and the back.


Jessica 9:45 PM  

thanks kathy.
since i saw those blocks, i have been craft loco! i can't wait to make them with some friends. i already set up a date and everything.

Jessica 9:46 PM  

oh, and i saw some blocks that say "BOO" on three...turn them over and they say "JOY" for christmas.
the blocks were 6, 4, and 6 inches, so the middle one is shorter. i think they just used 2x4's.

marcia@joyismygoal 9:46 AM  

hey thanks I think I can do that on my own