Kindergarten Graduation!

getting lined up!
Emma Singing in the Program
Waiting for awards to be called out.
Emma getting her Science, Spelling & Outstanding Reader Awards, along with her Kindergarten graduation certificate!
Emma walking to her seat.
Emma receiving the Principal's award. (top 2 of each class got it)
Emma with her Friendemy K.
Emma dressed up!
Emma had her Kindergarten Graduation today! This is her with her teacher Miss Moore. (Spencer had to get in the picture too!) We could not of asked for a better teacher for her. She told her today, Miss Moore, I love you TOO much. Miss Moore said, you can't love me TOO much. Then she said you will love your 1st grade teacher just a little less than me, ok.

Miss Moore had a slide show for us to watch of the kids over the year and she had each of the kids a picture in a frame of them in a cap & gown. So cute!

She also gave me and the other Room mom a gift. She is so sweet and thoughtful. I feel so blessed that Emma had her as a teacher!

More pictures of our new kittens


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Art Show

Since I use my blog as a journal, I am playing catch up today. Emma's school had a Fine Arts Night and here are some photos from that fun night.

Bike Wreck

So Steve got a bike for his birthday and now we all have bikes. So we have been going on family bike rides and we have had soooo much fun. Last saturday we were gone for 2 or 3 hours and in the last five minutes I was going down this steep hill and my handle bars bolt/screw was loose so I crashed trying to avoid a creek bed. It was very painful and I have more bruises and sores that are not shown in the above pictures.

Update: It has been a week now and I am about 85% healed. Yay for bandaids!

last week

Spencer got to have some friends over last week. They had a blast!
This is one of the skirts I made for Emma
This is another skirt I made for her.
They love each other, even though they fight all the time. LOL

Our newest Additions!

Annie- Spencer's kitten
Sadie- Emma's kitten