for you mom

Last time I visited my mom I noticed the tote bag she carried around everywhere (work, home, church) was so old and worn. I said, "mom it is time for a new bag & I will make it for you. So here it is. I am so excited for her to use it. I hope she loves it. If you know my mom she is the type of person that always buys for others and never for herself. She is selfless. I love her so much and she deserves it. Love you mom.

Emma's new room

Recently we painted Emma's room. She loves it and I love it too. It truly is a room for a little princess.

On another note, if you know Emma she loves volcanoes. I know different but she is mesmerized by wonders of nature. So Steve made the comment that he should take Emma to see a real volcano, like in Hawaii. Then he realized everyone would give him a hard time if he took his daughter to Hawaii before taking his wife. So he said he would take her to see Mt Saint Helens. Of course it won't be for a while, but it is funny to hear her say "mom I have packed my bag and I am going to see Mt Saint Helen". LOL

Row 15 BABY!!!!!

Me at the Rangers game - Saturday night!
Steve's boss gave us his tickets cause of the rain, but it only sprinkled most of the night.
This is Ken Griffey JR up to bat! Rangers played the Seattle Mariners.
We were this close. It was so cool!
We had a blast at the game and will be doing this in the future! So fun! It was amazing being so close to the action!

A date with a few cupcakes.....

Our date Saturday started out with a visit to the "famous" SPRINKLES in Dallas. My mom watched the kids and we had a little time before the game so we hopped on over to this little shop and got one strawberry and one Chocolate peanut butter cupcake. They were YUMO!


I made these skirts today. The 1st one is the one with the contrasting white on bottom. I actually like the 2nd one better. I am so excited to see Emma wearing these. She is asleep right now, maybe I will go wake her. NOT!

Labor Day

This is how we spent the morning:

Child's Apron

So today I made this. It is really easy. If you want to make one then just go here: