Pumpkin Patch

Well it was not fun but we did it. It was HOT, CROWDED, and I lost track of Emma more than once. SCARY! I don't think I will take my kids again unless they are much older (like 3 years from now). I might take Emma by herself next year. You really need one adult on one child. Anyways we did get a few cute pictures out of it.

Spencer's face kinda matches the characters faces.


nikko 9:20 PM  

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about that place, too. Glad that everything turned out fine and you got some cute pics!

Allyson 12:26 AM  

Well, at least you got cute pictures.

txmommy 9:31 PM  

i lost E one year. He was in the maze and didn't come out. I ended up climbing on top of it, giving Lucy to a stranger to hold and laeving H with her and running and screaming for him. He got out of the maze and was heading to the parking lot crying. It was awful. Now our rule is no having fun, just walk by mom until we find a cute picture spot. Yikes.

It is cute there though.

Shuldberg's in Texas 1:06 PM  

That 's too bad that you didn't have fun. I have gone with my kids every year for five years and have always had fun. Although Mason still doesn't leave my side and wonder off, and he's 6! When we went this year I only had Carson so it was a breeze. Try again another year. The pictures make it worth it, I think.