Field Trip to Cici's Pizza

Spencer is in Preschool and they took a field trip to Cici's Pizza. They got to make their own pizza and eat it. They also got a tour! It was fun! And yummy. Funny cause I grew up on Cici's and it was never all that good, well this was great!

To skim or not to skim, that is the question

Do you skim? Or do you savor each word, feeling like you are cheating if you don't give the author your complete and full attention. Or does it just depend on the book?

I previously had thought that I was a die hard Savorer (if that is even a word, I am sure it is not). What I mean is that I thought there was no way I could even say I had read a book unless, I completely read it, every single word. But the last book I read, Extras,the 4th book in the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield, I was bored with it. It drug on forever and I thought I would never finish this book. So the last 175 pages or so I skimmed. My husband talked me into it. I said, "I wish I could read faster, like some of my friends, cause I have so many books I want to read"
He said, "well most people skim"

So my question is DO YOU SKIM?
have fun!