Like Mother Like Daughter

I am on the Left & Emma is on the right. I thought it was amazing at how much we looked alike.

Sweet or Sour?

She might LOOK sweet.....let me just fill you in on our weekend with out Steve (he is in Utah). The story begins...Last night we make it to bed at about 9:30pm (not bad right) Well it is not bad except when you have to sleep in a twin bed with a toddler who pushes you out. I tried to get her to sleep in her bed by herself but after her very loud high pitched screams won over (I did not want her to wake Spencer) I said come in my bed & lay by me cause daddy is gone. She came & after 1 min started to scream & say "I want to sleep in my bed." Note she is half asleep at this point. So I thought GREAT that's where I want you to sleep. So I took her into her bed & kissed her good night. As soon as I left the room she starts screaming her famous "Mommy lay by you" (which means I want you to lay by me mommy) so I said, No go to bed & her screams just got louder & longer so I eventually went in & laid by her. She fell asleep about 30 min later. She kept saying "mommy did you hear that? That was a doggy............or a train.........or an airplane etc......Then all through the night she wake up about 5 different times. I can only remember a few or the reasons. " I am thirsty- I want my milk", Hit her head against the wall (her bed is next to the wall). Then one time she said her other famous line "mommy go away" So I got in my bed at about 3am and then about 5:15am she comes in & says "Mommy, I awake!" Needless to say I don't even know why I try to sleep at night.
This morning I took the kids to see the Easter Bunny & get a free 5X7 photo (seen below) & the first thing Emma does is climb up into all the plants & easter decorations (behind the roped line). She is getting farther & farther away from me while smashing all the plants on her way. I got her out and thankfully the line was short & we got a cute picture.
Everywhere we go people always tell me things like "oh, she must keep you busy or on your toes" or "she looks like a handful" or "she's fast" (while she is running away because she refuses to be strapped into a stroller or anything for that matter. She must carry the same genes as her Grandma Upchurch and 2nd Cousin Allyson. The claustrophobia gene) or "I don't know how you do it" to which I reply........."People have done it for hundreds of years".
Even though days with young children can be challenging there are the small moments that make it all worth it. Like Emma singing "I am a child of God" out of the blue, or when she says "mommy don't cry, I am sorry" or when a stranger at the grocery store tells you that she works with kids & she wants to commend you for the way you handled your toddler who just threw a tantrum. I just feel amazingly blessed to be a mother and know that you can't have the sweet moments unless you first experience the sour ones.

Happy Easter!

Emma singing

So, I suppose it is about time that I poke my head up from my school work and say hi. Well, seeing as that is done, enjoy this video of Emma singing that has now kept me from my school work for about 30 minutes....not that I am complaining, I regularly look for good excuses to deviate from my assignments, and this is a good excuse...

Spencer's haircut

OK so here is the story. Yes Spencer is only 4 & 1/2 months & has already had his first haircut. I just got tired of the mullet in back & the mohawk on top & the rest of the bald spots. So we gave him his first buzz cut. Two reasons why: 1. He is aspiring to look like his daddy 2. We did not want to pay the $18 to get his hair cut. Enjoy the before & after pictures!

Spencer & the Car Seat Struggle

This is a funny shot of Spencer. He is the sweetest baby ever. He puts up with so much from his loving big sister "Emma." He sleeps all night, most nights, and he is quick to smile. He loves watching what Emma is doing. He also loves jumping in his "Johny Jumper" that John & Lavonda got for us when Emma was born.

Spencer is 18 lbs & 4 oz, and so we had to get a new car seat because at 20 lbs he is going to be too big for the infant carrier. Have you ever tried to put a toddler size car seat in backwards? It is really hard and there is barely any room for it. It took Steve and I about an hour to get it in and we thought we finally had it in the best place etc until I actually put Spencer in it on Sunday morning and he cried the whole way to church and so I spent another 30 min after church with 2 kids screaming in the car trying to adjust it and get it to fit & lay right. Well after all that it fits good but I have to lean it way back because he can’t hold himself up right and it looked funny and wrong. Oh well it is the best I can do and the important thing is that it is snug and does not move around when I drive. Mission accomplished…I think.

Emma Fixes Things

Emma loves to "fix" things. I wish she really could and I would put her to work. She loves to do what daddy does. It is so cute.

Bitter...... Sweet

Well I thought I would fill all of you in on "The Great Job Hunt" as Steve calls it. Steve graduates in May from LSU with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He has interviewed with 9 companies. They are all in Houston or Dallas, Texas or Salt Lake City, UT or Baton Rouge, LA. The waiting is grueling but kind of exciting to think we could be moving to a new place with new people and things. We love Baton Rouge, LA & all the friends we have made here. There are a lot of young mothers and couples around here that have been really great friends. I am also going to miss the Book Club that about 15 of us have been apart of. I love to read & discuss the books and just enjoy the continued friendship. Steve loves his calling in the singles ward Bishopric and we will miss that special group of kids. I have taught the marriage preparation class to about 10 different couples and it has been fun to see them get married and graduate from the ward. These kids have watched Emma & Spencer grow up & our kids love them too. Life is a Bitter Sweet journey...and I love it!

Get More Sleep...Feel Sleepier?

Last night was the first night in a long time that I got a full night sleep. Both kids slept all through the night and I only woke up at 4 am to go to the bathroom then went back to bed. We also slept in until 7:30am,which never happens. (we are usually up by 6am). If I got so much sleep then why I am I so exhausted by noon today. Weird! Maybe tonight I should wake myself up several times during the night so I will feel more rested during the day. Sigh………..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ