Emma graduated from her playschool today. She was so excited that Daddy got to come. She was so cute! This was the first but hopefully there will be many more of these that we get to attend!

Summer Fun!

We named the kitten Socrates. Steve got to pick out the name cause he was not there when we picked out the kitten. It is so cute to hear Emma & Spencer say his name.

Get two give one back

So we took the puppy back. Steve was really NOT OK with getting him, he only wanted a cat. And after the puppy pooped 5 times in 1 day I figured I was not patient enough to house train him. He was so cute but I could not handle all the potty breaks.

The kitten is already litter trained and he goes nicely in the litter box, also even if the dog did do his business outside that would still not be good cause we spend a lot of time in our back yard. I would not want to always worry about where I step. So we took the dog back the next day. We are really happy with the kitten. He is playful and fun. Also very little maintenance.

Friday night I got real sick, I won't go into details. I am sad I had to miss the Primary activity. They went to the Temple on a school bus. Emma came home and told me "mommy, I went to the Temple and felt the Holy Spirit." It was cute. We talked to her about what it feels like and how we can feel the Spirit. It was so sweet to talk with her. She is really a sweet little girl. I love her so much!

Sat evening Emma got to go with her friend Paige to a swimming party and she had a blast. She even jumped off the diving board with her life jacket on of course. She loved it.
Steve, Spencer and I got Firehouse subs and stayed home, I still was not feeling 100%.

This morning is Sunday and I woke up feeling so much better.

We are planning our family vacation. Depending on a work conference Steve might go to we are either going to San Franciso, CA or Miami, FL. We plan on going on the weekend of Sept 17, 18, 19. We are so excited!

New Pets

So we just got a puppy and a kitten. We have been looking for a while at the animal shelters and then the last one we went to we found the cutest puppy that I just fell in love with. Steve wanted a kitten so we got a kitten too. He is not happy about the puppy but he has not met him yet. The puppy & kitten are playing well together and the kids are doing great around then and vice a versa. We love them already but they are still nameless.