Halloween Begins in 2010

Yesterday we went to Steve's work to trick or treat. As always they did a great job decorating for the kids. They had a pirate Peter Pan area, an under the sea, Neverland, Toystory sections and a few more. So Fun! I love that we can participate in this tradition! Emma was Hawk Girl & Spencer was Flash, both from the Justice League. Super Heros to the Rescue!

Riding like a pro

So I got my wisdom tooth out yesterday & Steve took off to be with me all day. Things went great and I have very little suffering. YAY! Spencer also was sick yesterday. But let me assure you he is the kid you want when you have a sick kid, he never complains or anything. He is just more subdued and quiet. He is such a sweet boy. Here is a picture of dad eating lunch with little man.
This is a video of Emma riding her bike. See for yourself!

My Sweet Wolverine!

I love Emma! I have watched her grow so much. And for the update I promised: yes she is a bike rider! She can do it with no training wheels! It only took her 3 days of practicing and hour after school & she had it down. She loves riding everyday! She is one determined little girl. Not sure who she gets that from.

Time Out for Women

I got to attend Time Out for Women! The Theme was Infinite Hope! I enjoyed myself & learned so much, I will be going again. It was also fun to have time with my sister Kelly (middle) and my sister in law- Lavonda (right). I love these ladies! I also ran into so many of my old friends. Some from Baton Rouge and some from my old Stake & ward. I also had a great time with ladies from our ward! I loved it!