An Engineer

So, I got bored a couple of weekends ago and pulled out my art supplies. Well, more like dug out, it has been quite awhile since I used them. I wanted to try something new, so I searched the internet for different pictures of flowers and I settled on this one. So I started, it's like riding a bycycle, for the most part; the method comes easy, the skill takes some work. However, I noticed something this time around, since I was trying to replicate something, not just produce something from my mind: I was reproducing angles. In the past when I drew, I would for the most part get the shape right, focusing on how closely the drawing matched the object, noting the angles only when I was dealing with perspective. This time around I paid attention to the angles through-out the drawing and once I noticed what I was doing, there was almost no going back. Either way, I scanned it, printed a copy, and decided I'd try to illustrate what I meant, this being a scan of the printed copy. See what I mean about being an engineer.

-Steve :)
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More sewing!

Emma & Spencer in their crowns
Spencer in his "king" crown
purse, bag or baby holder

Emma with her "baby holder"
I made Emma's crown that goes with her mermaid costume today. Then Spencer said he wanted a crown to be a "king". So I made him the green one. Then I still had a little more creative juices and time so I made this little bag for Emma. I just used material I had (which is not much). She was using it to carry around her baby in it. She loved it. So cute!

I made this Apron (surprising, I know)

This is the Apron I made in sewing class. I am very proud of it. I still need to get a good picture of me wearing it though. With all the ruffles and gathers it is not too flattering on the hips. Oh well I still love it.

Stormy Days

Today I was driving to a car wash to shampoo my mat in my van because I discovered a gallon of milk that had been forgotten from a previous grocery shopping trip. YUCK!
On my way to the car wash, I noticed these beautiful clouds, so grabbed my camera that I just happen to have with me. The pictures just don't do it justice. It was funny to see so many other people had the same idea and were snapping shots of their own. By the way these clouds only lasted about 15 min & they brought pea size hail.

he is handsome

I was on printing a picture out for Emma & she was sitting on my lap. On the homepage there is a video about Temples. We watched this short video and half way through Emma said, "he is handsome." She was speaking of Russel M. Nelson. I told her he was an apostle of the Lord and explained to her what it meant. What a special moment to teach.

Cousins are the BEST

Spencer & Jacob are the only ones that take naps and they were so cute cuddled up!

My kids have loved having some of their cousins over to play. They have been here for 2 days and we will be sad to see them go. The kids have played everything you can possibly think of. They have been out in the back yard about 90% of each day. They have "for the most part" played so well together. We are glad summer is around the corner so they can come go swimming with us.

Our Spring Break

Spring Break for us has been fun and relaxing. We have had a new neighbor move in across the street and Emma & Paige have become fast friends. It has been so nice to have a friend for Emma that she can take turns going to each others house. After this week her friend will go back to school but I think we will be picking her up from school & watching her. So they will have plenty of time to play.

Baking Cookies with Emma

She is getting good at this baking cookies thing. We made sugar cookies and she rolled and cut out her own shapes. As you can see she did a great job!

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Ward Pine Wood Derby & Chili Cookoff

Well last night we had a ward activity. It was a Pinewood Derby & chili Cook off. We did not make chili (just cornbread) but we did make a Derby car. Well Steve & Emma did. (mostly Steve). The fun of it was there were really no rules, so people had all kinds of cars. Bro Cook built a car out of an alarm clock & called it "time flies". Some one just put wheels on the block of wood they give you. Bro. Ballard had like a sailboat car and brought his leaf blower to make it go. They had a single elimination tournament. It was a lot of fun. I forgot to take my camera to the activity so these are pictures afterward at our home. It was so cute to see Emma & Spencer cheer for our "Fowler 42" car. Each time it won! Emma was so excited that our car won 1st place. She kept saying "I am so excited we won, I can't believe it." What a fun family night.

Practice makes.....I need more practice

I have been sewing a lot lately. A very talented sister in our ward is giving me & 5 others sewing lessons, 2 times a month. It is really fun & interesting to learn all these skills. In that class we are making an apron. I am almost done with it.

On my own I decided to try to make this little purse for Emma. It took me about 2 hours one afternoon when Spencer was sleeping. Emma sat by and "helped". I am happy with how it turned out and I am glad I did it because I learned some things.

More pictures and more projects to come.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Emma got a new bike

Emma's old bike is too small for her. It broke (the spokes were make of plastic). This new bike is a little big but in time she will grow into it & we will not have to buy another one for a while. She loves riding it.