Emma and Kathy compare

Is this funny or what. The first photo is of Emma last year (before we cut her hair).
And the bottom photo is Kathy at the same age (roughly).
By the way we have decided to grow Emma's hair back out. I miss it long.

Emma's birthday trip to DC

Emma finally got her birthday trip. Her birthday day is in Dec near Christmas, so as you know that is a busy time of year and this was the first week end we had free. Steve took her to Washington DC. GG Fowler drive down to be with them. They got to see many things including the White House, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Air & Space Museum, Natural History Museum. They had a blast and she loved the hotel and getting first class on the plane ride back. All in all I would say it was a good birthday and even better memories! Anyways that life is about right, MAKING MEMORIES!

Spencer's first basketball game!

2nd Annual Jingle Bell Jog

In December Emma and Steve ran the Jingle Bell Jog for the 2nd year. Last year Emma got 3rd place in her age division. This is a video of her crossing the finish line. She got 3rd place again! We are so proud of her because she never gave up even though it was hard! She also shaved like 9 minutes off her time from last year!