Another Baby Shower

Sondra(LaVonda's sister), Lavonda (my sister in law), Christina (my sister in law), Kathy, Kelly (my sister)
Nevaeh, Kristen (kids)

Saturday we went to Sondra's baby shower. It was at her house, which is beautiful! We had a great time. I was glad we got to spend time with everyone. I wish we all lived closer! Just a side note: Sondra married Sam who is my younger brothers best friend. Sondra's sister Lavonda is married to my older brother. Is that not funny that we are all kinda related through marriages.


marcia@joyismygoal 8:33 AM  

fun day i love showers

The Acosta Family 3:00 PM  

sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun.

Kathryn 1:17 PM  

Kathy - you look great! How much weight have you lost?!