Another Boy

Lavonda (my brother John's wife) had her sonigram today and they are having a boy. This was a great day for them because they have been married for 5 years and never been able to get pregnant until now. But last year they adopted a little boy "Jacob" and now they are pregnant. So they will have 2 little boys under the age of 2, how fun!


Sat. is my sister Kelly's baby shower. I wanted to throw it and have it at my house but everyone said they did not want to drive an hour to get to it. So I am trying to help in any way I can. Hope everyone comes and has a great time. She is having a boy via C Section on Sept 13 and his name is Aiden.

Bags Bags Bags

If you know me you know I have a bag problem. I love bags and am always looking for the perfect one. I just found it. Well at least until I find one that is better. It has a great color (stem green- but comes in other colors) & look. the shoulder strap has a non slip spot (never slides off). You can pick it up by the short handles or wear it across your front. It has a ton of zipper pockets including a clip for your key and small side pockets for quick access to stuff. It has a top compartment that is lined with soft plastic to put snacks in so you don't get the rest of your bag messy. Last but not least it has a ton of room & and is a great airplane carry on, diaper bag, or me-bag. Love it.




Ok so right now I am reading the DiVinci Code. I know finally right. Well if you know me I am a slow reader and I love to relish each word. But lately I am getting frustrated because I spend all day yesterday reading my current book and still did not feel like I got anywhere. Steve said , "you should learn how to speed read." I said, "What and miss all good stuff." So I guess I want my cake and eat it too.

I am hosting Book Club at my house next month and I suggested we read "The Time Traveler's Wife" because ever since Ally said it was a good book it has been on my list. And Since Farrah & Kristy said they really enjoyed it I figured it would be a good one to choose. I will let you know how the Book & Book Club turn out.

San Antonio Trip

We had a wonderful time in San Antonio. To add to Steve's blog. We did get to the water park on saturday and got to ride all the rides there. Steve go a bad sunburn on part of his arm & back. I just got a better tan. We also got to see Bourne Ultimatum. Got Massages at the Hotel Omni Spa. We loved our room at the Omni. Also ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and walked around the beautiful river walk. Oh and saw the Alamo. Here are a few pictures.

San Antonio Report: Part 1

I'm gonna get the first post in here post-trip. We had a very great trip. We got to San Antonio right as planned without delay and got to check into our hotel early. After checking in and changing we headed off to Six Flags. Due to all of the rain, the water park portion of Six Flags was closed, so we rode a number of the roller coasters. I actually rode two or three coasters, Kathy rode a few more (I tend to get motion sickness / headaches...). The greatest thing was that we only had to wait in one line (and that was b/c they had to clean the ride after someone threw up...and yes, somehow I still rode that one...). We had ridden all of the rides we wanted to ride in 2-3 hours, so we went to see Harry Potter in IMAX 3D. They gave us these silly glasses that we thought were fairly useless, that is until the final showdown. Kathy kept leaning over to me asking if "he was right in front of me..." or something similar, it was awesome. We then tried to find a restaurant that we had driven by called Salt-Wheat Steakhaus (at least I enjoyed making up lots of different names for the restaurant...). Our GPS took us to a different one, about 10 minutes away from our hotel, that was surprisingly hard to get to from the interstate. In the course of trying to get into the parking we took a small detour (which drove Kathy nuts...I can understand why...I mean...we had our GPS...). Well, during our detour we saw almost 20 deer, about half of those looked like babies. It was quite strange to look to one side and see more, all less than 5 minutes from the interstate. It must be fun to live in that little neighborhood. We finally found the restaurant near our hotel and after some bad service that took forever (they lost our order and undercooked our food) we finally called it a night.

-Steve :)

San Antonio Here we come

We leave in the morning to go on our trip to San Antonio. I know the weather is yucky, but the plans are made and the bags are pa...well not all the way packed but we are still going. Childless and fancy free! We are on our way. We will be sure to take the camera and bring some of the fun with us.


This is the Steve's first project he has built from the ground up, all by himself. He did a great job! He also let Emma help while he stained it. Now she says, "thats my bench, I helped daddy paint it." I am so grateful to him for making her feel special. Hopefully now The BENCH will always carry with it a special father/daughter memory.

My two GAP kids

Ok love the GAP. I saw these two shirts at the outlet and thought it would make a cute brother/sister photo. I was right!

More pics from week with my SIS...

Here are some more photos from the week spent with my sister and all our crazy kids. The sandbox picture is actually a dinosaur dig at the museum. We tried taking the kids to a free planetarium show but the first minute we were in there they turned off the lights and one by one all five kids started screaming, so we left. We got our use out of my double stroller. At one point we had 3 kids in there. It was so much fun. Thanks Kelly for a fun 2 days!

Fowler Grandparents

Emma was so excited when we told her Grandma and Grandpa Fowler were coming to visit as they passed through to go to Utah. We were so glad to see them, even if they could only stay for 1 night. It was fun to have them visit. They are welcome anytime.

Guilty Pleasures

Big Brother

I know we are all weird for having those little things we like that we know we are better without but we just love them so we keep them....yes, they are guilty pleasures. Mine is reality T.V. This summer it is Big Brother on CBS to be exact. But everytime I ask someone if they watch it, they say no, "I don't like that show." Am I the only one out there that likes to watch????? Please let me know if I have any Big Brother friends out there!

Spencer's first tooth

My son is 9 months old and is getting his first tooth. This is not a picture of him, but of how he must feel.

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I went to Dillards to buy a much need pair of shoes for church. Emma had a blast and tried on many different pairs herself. This was one of them. She was so cute walking around in them. She is such a girl!

Fear of Heights....

Good evening fine peoples! I have poked my head in to the ether to inform everyone that yesterday, as we were enjoying the American Airlines Summer Picnic at Hurricane Harbor (a water park...) that Kathy was more afraid of heights than I was. When we drove by Six Flags later I think she got sick to her stomach just looking at one of the big roller coasters.... We were standing in line for the ride, somewhere on the stairs and she just started to go nuts about how high up we were and how scary it was. This is just amusing (most likely, only for me, but I felt I should share...). She may make say that these claims are all false, but I assure you, they are all true. (In all truthfulness I work on the sixth floor and I make a point to not look down when I am near places where I could....)