Emma sells ice cream

Emma on a ride at the mall.

Spencer is growing up

Spencer is almost 8 months now. He is walking along furniture and crawling very fast (the real crawl) and he is saying dada and mama. Emma is trying to get him to say Emma but he has not figured it out yet. We were in Dillards yesterday buying Steve some new work clothes and Spencer discovered his image in the mirror. It was so cute!

Pictures of our new home

We feel really blessed to be the home we are in. We feel thankful for every opportunity and learning experience we have had in the recent days.

Hotel Stay

Well once we got where we were going we began our week and a half stay in the hotel of our choice. This gave us enough time to look for our house and close on it. Thanks to our realtor Leanna who helped us through it all. This is a picture of Emma and mommy at the hotel.

the drive

We started out wide awake and excited for the adventure ahead.......

but were very tired by the end.

We also miss good food

Farewell to Friends

Potty Training

Emma is currently being potty trained. She does a good job at telling me she has to go tee tee but is scared to do the other and demand I put a diaper on her. How do I help her get over this fear. Any suggestions.

Busy Busy Busy

We are moving to Dallas next friday. We are busy now getting things prepared. Just to let you know we still don't have a house but that should change soon. We will keep yall updated. Maybe we should just live here!

They say we should not compare our children.

Spencer at 5 months.

Emma at 5 months.