General Conference

I was excited to hear there were 5 new Temples were announced at conference. One of which was the Philidelphia, PA Temple. Steve's parents live near there & will be blessed because of this.

Some of my favorite quotes from conference:
~ Not to allow the stress & stains of life get the better of us. -L. Tom Perry
~There are Spiritual Benefits of living a simple life ~ L. Tom Perry

~This is our one & only chance at mortal life, opportunities come & then they are gone. ~ Thomas S. Monson
~If you are the parents of young children, remember that the messes of the house will all to soon be gone & you will miss them. ~ Thomas S. Monson
~Say I love you more, Always express your thanks. ~Thomas S. Monson

Since I teach sunday school I liked the talk given by William D. Oswald (2nd counc. in SS Presidency) he said: Let us learn 3 principles in being a good teacher (from Joseph Smith's experience with Moroni) 1.Show love to those you teach & call them by name. 2.Teach from the scriptures. 3. Encourage the pondering of Gospel truths.

There are so many more but you will have to watch to find your own jewels.
I am thankful for those that were inspired to share these uplifting messages.


The Tall and Short of it 8:16 PM  

I totally enjoyed Conference this year!! We are so lucky! I really like this post! Thank You!

Jenn 11:47 AM  

I loved the one that you quoted from Pres Monson about the messes. It was sweet to hear.

Allyson 10:29 AM  

I love all those quotes. Thanks for sharing them.