Kaleidoscopes & Birthday Cake

This morning we took the kids to Lowes to build their kaleidoscopes.
Then we drove to Rowlett for my brother David's birthday celebration.
The flowers were beautiful! The kids cute!
It was a windy day on the Lake.
Emma & Spencer with my brother David.

72 hr kits

I found and easy way to make a 72 hr kit. I called a grocery store's bakery department & asked them to save small (half size of a pickle bucket) frosting buckets (with lids) for me. After a few days I picked these up from the store brought them home(for free) and washed them out with dish soap & hot water. Let dry completely.

Then with black sharpie I wrote names on each bucket, one for each member of my family. Then I filled each of them with: 4 bottles of water, 1 can of soup (pull top can), 1 small pack of gum, snack baggies of raisins, snack baggie of nuts, fruit cup, fruit snacks, 2 instant packs of oatmeal in a baggie, 2 empty gallon zip lock bags, 1 large black trash bag (can be used as a poncho),small notepad & pen (used for drawing, writing or messages), tooth brush, 3 bandaids, 2 granola bars

Adult bucket only: small bottle of advil, snack baggie of matches, small scissors, comb,floss, small toothpaste.

I want to change and add things as I look on more emergency preparedness websites. But those will come with time. Also each member of our family has a backpack filled with 2 sets of clothes, a flashlight, & more.

So have fun & be creative!


A while back my parents took my sister and I out for our birthdays. We went to La Hacendia Ranch. We had so much fun! I realized how much I miss my sister and we need to spend time together more often. I love you Kelly!

Arches National Park........I did that?!

Wish I could still do this. Oh who am I kidding I can't believe I ever did this. I am so terrified of heights now, I would not want to. I don't know why I am so scared of heights the older I get. Maybe now I understand the real danger that is potentially there.
This picture was taken over 10 years ago. I can't believe how time flies. Life just has a way of passing by you. I feel like lately I just can't get motivated. I want to have the energy I used to. I want to conquer things like this again. Well not exactly like this. Here hoping that today will be a better day.

I don't want to Horse my voice

A dear friend called me today & said, "whats been going on?" I had to stop and think, what has been going on?

Well last saturday we had our primary activity, it was crazy but fun.
We did PJS. Came in our PJS and had a small breakfast and played some get to know you games and teachers brought a pillow case full of stuff about themselves so their kids could get to know them better. Each child got a Prayer (prayer rock- I made all 70) Journals (handmade Journals) Scriptures (scripture marking pencil)

Emma with her class.
Spencer with his class.

This sat we went to get a few things for our camping trip that is coming soon. Also we went to Central Market and had a blast listening to the live music and buying yum fruits & veggies. We took the kids by Lowes and let them do a kid's project. Those are great and FREE. They built a tabletop basketball thing.

Today at church in Primary the music leader asked the kids if they like this song, Emma says "YES, I love it" the leader says "ok then sing loud", Emma says "No I don't want to horse my voice."

Then sunday after church we made a simple picnic and went out to Azle park to eat it. Then we walked around the trail. We had a fun family week end. We were all so tired today cause of the time change we all came home about 3pm & took a nap.
The kids have been growing like weeds. Spencer is 40 in & Emma is 45 inches. Remember they are 23 months apart.

The this afternoon we were all talking and Steve was teasing me about something and I said, "oh no, don't even go there." Emma said, "Go where mom, where don't you want dad to go?"

Steve bought me this puzzle for my birthday and we finally got it all put together. It was fun to work on over the course of a week or so, just when ever we had the time.

We are really excited about our first family camping trip on good friday weekend. We will be going to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Life is great right now!