What we did today

This morning we went visiting teaching. Then we came home put Spencer down for a nap and Emma and I did a puzzle. Then Emma painted a bird house.
Then later on in the afternoon we watched my friend Michelle's son- C. They all had a fun time playing.
Then I went to Enrichment and we made these cute little Halloween decorations. It was so fun. I got to know a few people that I don't know very well. It was fun to be crafty.
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Shuldberg's in Texas 8:45 PM  

I love your blocks. It looked like I really missed out.

Jessica 12:36 PM  

now your next post needs to show case those cute blocks and tell what they are made of and how you made them.
so cute!

I have a good life 6:52 PM  

Your blocks turned out so dang cute! I am glad that you could go! :)