When I grow up......

When someone asks Emma what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer is always "a doctor". One of her friends said, "well I want to be a fashion model". Emma thinks and then says, "well I want to be a doctor first, then a fashion model". I sure hope that through out her life, she will not be completely swayed by others and loose sight of her dream. I know that is kinda out there but it just made me think about her future.

Now for the above picture: Recently we were at Walmart and the kids wanted too look at the books. Emma looked through many books, but this is the book she wanted to buy. Not only did she want to buy a book on Volcanoes, when I read it to her she actually listens to it and soaks it all in. She also wanted the books about spiders, snakes, and tornados. So basically she is not fixed on one subject she just likes to learn about "real things." We then went to the Library the next day and found more fun books. Experiments with water, Shapeships & Rockets, & her favorite "The Human Body". I am so glad she loves to learn!
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A friend is...........

I am glad Emma & Christy have become friends. They are in the same Primary class at church & they love playing together. Christy is such a "girl". She is all about fashion, makeup & everything girl. Emma likes to do girl stuff but Christy really brings the "girl" out in her. It was so fun to watch them dance & sing and play house. I hope they can be friends for a long time to come.

The boy has found his throne!

Spencer has just realized it is so much fun to use the real potty. He is by no means totally potty trained but he is on his way! We are so excited! I censored the picture so in future years my son won't be embarrassed. LOL

Ward Split & Changes

Well last week our ward & a few others were split and changed around. We are glad we are still in our same ward, we love it. Today I got called to be Primary President. I am glad to be still in Primary because I love the children and have just begun to build friendships with them. I am humbled by this calling and I know I will try to serve with all my heart. I am grateful to our new Bishop for the inspiration he is to me, Bishop Shuldberg is a humble man. I know I am going to learn so much in this calling but it is slightly scary because the ward was split everyone was released and now we have to set the entire primary up. This should be interesting.

Steve gave a wonderful talk today in sacrament. He talked about how our testimonies can carry us through difficult challenges. I am amazed by the many long hours he spent in study.

Well that is all for now. I think I will share more journal entries later.

This is what I have been doing for the last 3 months

ABC Quiet book
the front and back pages have a pocket (that is just my cell phone to show off the pocket)
B-Butterflies C-Car
D- Dog E- Elephant
F- Flowers G- Grapes
H-Hair I-Ice cream
J-Jack in the Box K-Kite
L-Lion M-Mailbox
N- Nest O-Owl
P- Puzzle (inside the pocket, there is a puzzle) Q- Quack
R-River S-Shoe
T- Tic Tac Toe
U-Under "the sea"
V- Vegetables W- Whale
X- Ray (my white felt bones are already missing- I need to cut more out)

Y- You (a picture of Emma & Spencer)
Z- Zipper & Zebra (you can put crayons or small markers or colored pencils in the pouch)
This is on the back, it says: Handmade by Kathy Fowler (posterity sake & also in case it gets lost)

I have to give credit to my friend Holly for all her help. And credit to Shelly Wallace for the design.

Crayon Roll

This is the one I gave to our sweet little friend Mya for her birthday! Happy Late Birthday Mya!

Kristen's Birthday -4

I never got a good shot of the birthday girl. She is in the pink dress on the right. Happy Birthday Kristen.
Part of the frosting was blue & Aunt Kelly gave Emma some so she could also have a blue tongue.
Kathy & nephew Hunter - we are ready to get wet @ the Sprinkler park.
Sprinkler park- the kids had a blast!

Siblings "the original 4" Kelly, Kathy, David & John
Kathy & Steve
Spencer warming up in his hooded towel- he calls it is "blankie"
The spray park was a great hit! The kids all loved it and so did the adults. It was such a blast, we will have to do it again soon!

more sewing

Girls Night

Some of our friends had already left, but we took 5 pictures till we got one that was decent.
Thanks ladies for all the fun laughs and crafts, good times, good food and of course awesome photo shoot. Who knew posing for a camera could be so much fun!

San Diego Trip Part 2

funeral dinner
sandcastle Steve built on the beach
Spencer Emma & their cousin Micheal
Our family
Emma digging on the beach- her favorite thing
Spencer on the beach
Cali palm trees

cousin Tanner
Emma climbing at this neat park we went to
Spencer & mom
Spencer & Grandpa
more climbing
Emma walking to the park with her cousins
Spencer & Emma
Spencer & mom on the shuttle bus
Grandpa Fowler Emma & Dad on the shuttle