Emma and the bike

Emma asked yesterday if she could ride her bike with no training wheels. I said sure. So dad and I took turns helping her ride her bike. She wiped out a few times before she just started jumping off prematurly to save her self from a painful fall. She actually did really good for the very first time riding with no training wheels. She is brave and is already excited to practice again today. I am sure she will be riding in no time. I will keep yall updated.

Also Emma got green everyday this week in school. Her teacher emailed me and said her behavior has much improved and she thinks they are going to have a great year. I am so grateful she has a great teacher. I told her if she stayed on green all week then she would get a surprise. So I am taking her to Dairy Queen today! YAY for Emma.

Spencer is having a hard time adjusting to sister being gone all day, everyday. He really misses her- he says so alot & cries about it too. But I try my best to play with him and have things for him to do here at home. We have been working on him writing his letters and he loves it. He also loves playing trains and painting, and going to his playschool. He goes 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. So it is not much but enough for him to make friends and have some time away from mom. He has really good behavoior there and really loves the fact that his best friend & our next door neighbor goes to school there too.

Well that is all for now!
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If you look closely she has a baby froggie in her hand. Dad found it early this morning as he was leaving for work and knew the kids would fall in love. I think it is cute but I don't want to keep it and don't want it any where near me. She is truly an animal lover. She told me, "mom you have to be one with nature and its animals"
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