Summer has begun!

We are so excited that summer has begun. We love sleeping in and going to the pool, playing with friends and having all day to do fun things. We did begin with a routine of sorts. But I am having to be flexible a little because of different activities this summer. We are eating the free lunches at school (when we can). And doing a little bit of school work each day. I try to make it fun though.

This is the first year in 3 or 4 yrs I did not have to go to Cub Scout Twilight Camp. I missed it! But it was nice to have enough leaders going. Also Emma started Music Camp this week. She is loving it. They are learning a musical and then on Thursday we get to see them preform it. I am excited! This is right up her ally. She is my little drama queen. So she is putting all her theatrics and good memory to use.

I am slightly worried cause last night she woke up around 10pm crying that she could not do it. I thought she was sleep walking. I asked her? You can't do what? She said I can't do the play it is too hard. I assured her she could do her best and things would work out. It is hard to see your child struggle but important that we encourage them to do there best and NEVER GIVE UP.  That is the thing I always tell me kids when they are complaining something is hard, "NEVER GIVE UP" and "YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS".

We are also looking forward to seeing Grandma Upchurch next week. We fly up to Minnesota and get to do fun things with her. The kids have not seen her since December and they  miss her. I miss her too but I have seen her a few times since then. I will blog about that more when we come back.

Also we look forward to our trip to SLC UTAH, and Yellowstone National Park and seeing all the Fowler clan. It has been a while since we have all been together and I hope we have a fun time.

Who knows what other adventures we have in store for us. I hopefully will get better at this blog thing.

Oh and I am getting a new car soon cause my van won't pass inspection (which is due in June) with out a lot $$$$$ of money. Since it is 12 yrs old it is time to get a new one, wish us luck!

graduated 1st grade

Emma did it! She graduated 1st grade! She also got an award for her academics. They still don't get letter grades until next year but she did awesome this year. This is her with her teacher Mrs. Hamilton. Sorry for the blurry pictures. We are so proud of Emma and all her hard work. She is excited to be a 2nd grader now!

Easter? really

Well I know I am way behind here and it is hard for me to get things in order so here is the Easter Egg hunt the Primary put on as a ward activity. Yes I know Easter was a while ago. And yes I am still Primary President. It was been 3 &1/2 years. Crazy. I love my calling and love the children. I don't know what I would do without my calling. It lifts me up and challenges we and pushes me to my limits in may ways. But I love it and am grateful for the wonderful experiences I have.

Soccer anyone?

Emma and Spencer played soccer this year for the first time. They enjoyed it even though it was hard work. I am not sure when we will do it again. They want to play basketball next. Emma's team was undefeated and she got to rotate in as goalie. Spencer also was a pretty good goalie, he did not like the running part. They are the cutest soccer players I have ever seen.