Gwen & Glen's 80 Birthday Party

My Grandmother and her brother celebrated their 80th bday with their entire (almost) family. It was a surprise party and it was a blast!

First day of School

Spencer's first day of Playschool (he only goes M & W from 8:30-11am) He said mom give me a high five & a kiss & did not cry when Steve & I left. What a big boy.

Emma's first day of Kindergarten. She did not cry, she sat right down at her desk and started coloring. I did not cry until I was walking out. I saw my neighbor Dana & we cried together. LOL


My dad might loose his big toe. Please pray for him. He has diabetes and has not been doing well.

Emma went to a pretend sleepover party Sat for her friend H. and she had a great time. They did makeup, played games, made there own pizza and watched a movie among other things. She had a blast. Thanks Em.

My sewing machine has been broken so we took it to the Sear repair guy and paid $30 for him to tell me I needed a new foot controller. OK then when we got it back Steve looked at it even closer and took it apart, only to find a dime in it. Now it works. The funny thing is the Sears repair guy called me and said it was defective. I want my $30 back dude. Also he was gonna charge me $65 for a new foot pedal and $60 for labor (handing me that foot pedal). So I have to return the new foot pedal that is on its way. And yes I "declined" to have him fix it. I said I will save the $60 and order it myself, but now I don't even need it cause I have an awesome husband who is WAY better than a Sear repair guy. LOL

Steve and I went on a date Saturday. We went to Chef Point Cafe in Watuga. It is a restaurant inside a gas station. Well the food is supposed to be AWESOME! They were on the Food Network. Well it was yum. I will say but yeah not crazy about the atmosphere. I am a girl that likes to go to a nice place.

We get to tour Emma's new school tommorrow and she is so excited. It is about 95% built. She & I can't wait for her to start kindergarten on Aug 23. YAY! We have all her school supplies, backpack, lunch box, new clothes and shoes and we are ready for her to "get on the BUS." yes she is able to ride the bus, we live 2.6 miles from the school and you have to at least be 2 miles away to qualify. She is so excited!

Spencer is also very ready to go to his Playschool. We are blessed because his 2 teachers are the same women that taught Emma for the past 2 years. We know and love them.

Well I am still having a blast in Primary and Steve is enjoying working with the missionaries. I love it how the Lord sees fit to bless us even when we don't feel worthy of those blessings. He knows and loves us!