Spencer Man

Just today we were in the grocery store and Emma kept stopping to look at things and was getting left behind. So I would go back to where she was and say "Emma come on! 1-2-3." Then I here this little voice coming from the stroller and it is Spencer saying "Ca-on, 1-2-3" in his little baby voice. I starting cracking up!
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Allyson 8:38 PM  

Very cute! I have never met him, but I think I know his personality just from the pictures.

Meghan 6:18 AM  

I love it! So cute!!!

Amilyn & Brandon 9:12 AM  

Well, if that's not a miniature Steve!!!

Jay 8:29 PM  

These pictures of Spencer are too cute! They just capture the many faces of a happy, little guy.

Anonymous 5:16 PM  

I could just SQUEEZE and kiss that
kid a million times...I love those
pictures of Spence. He is adorable,