Which ever do you perfer?

I just have to brag about my little girl. She will be 3 in December and she is doing an awesome job using the above device. Today she actually had an accident and was so upset with herself. It was kinda funny because I am very calm about it and she says "oh no mommy can you clean that up, oh no, oh no." Well this is the first accident she has had in a while and she is doing great!

Home Decor Help Wanted

Ok so we are in the process of finally trying to decorate and WE NEED HELP! I have discovered IKEA & Kirkland Home and thats about it.Where do you love to shop for your wall hangings, accessories, pictures, wall art, etc. Let me know.

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Sorry Kristy I am late for you pirate day thing, but I found this picture from last year at Christmas when we visited Steve's folks in PA.
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Love the new Doctor

Spencer and I were the first to see our new family doctor since our big move. Here are 10 reasons why we were overly impressed with this doctor.
1. The appointments took 45 min from start to finish. (including all the wait time)
2. The office is less than a mile from our home.
3. The office is new and very clean and fancy.
4. There is a kids play area with toys and tv playing Disney channel.
5. There was only 1 or 2 other people in the waiting areas.
6. The Doctor is very friendly, after saying hi he talked to Emma about her cute dress and shoes.
7. He takes his time with you and is not rushed. He asks if you have any questions and does not make me feel dumb for asking.
8. The office writes down everything for you (example: Spencer's weight etc.) I used to have to jot all that down to put in baby books while balancing 2 kids. They also print out a paper for you with your next appointment on it.
9. You can fill out all the paperwork at home online & print it & bring it in. This is a biggy for me cause I hate trying to do that and watch the kids in the waiting room.
10. Everyone in the office is friendly and happy.

Ok so Spencer is 22 lbs 11oz
29.5 inches long. And a very healthy boy!

Some Pics

The top picture is of the Emma's new comforter and sheets. We got them for her to hype up sleeping in her own bed. While she loves them & said "my bed is a princess bed", she still would prefer to sleep on the loveseat next to our bed.
The next two pics are of the kids in their warm fuzzy feety pjs. When Spencer go our of the bath today he was shivering so I put these new pjs on him and they were so cute. Emma said "I want my pjs like Spencers."
The last pic is me reading to the kids.
Emma is using the potty all the time now, it is great and she is also being nicer to Spencer. I am not having to get onto her as much. I love it!

For anyone who grew up playing video games...

I found this the other day, I thought it was great:

- Steve

Steve and I ate this yesterday and it was to die for. My sandwich is described above!

Made a few changes

I have made a few changes in my side bar. If you don't want your link on my blog, just let me know I understand. Sorry to those that want to be more private. I had no idea.


I made S & E's birthday party invites. It was so much fun. Their birthday parties are in a few months. The other picture is of an ornament we made at a relief society activity. These are front & back pictures. In the back pouch is a 12 days before Christmas countdown for the kids. It has a picture of 12 symbols of Christmas and you talk about one each day.

My Favorite Things Party...

Ok today is the day for copy cats....but these ideas were just so great I had to share:

My friend went to a:

My Favorite Things Party...

This is what the invite said:
"Brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of my favorite things."

Bring 5 of your favorite things to swap. If your favorite thing is pink nail polish bring 5. No more than 5 dollars, so a total of 25 dollars.

It looked like so much fun I thought I would get one going in my home town. I will let you know how it turns out.

Whats in a name?

Ok my cousin F did this fun thing on her blog about googling your name and seeing what you get & also google your name & the word needs.....K needs..........and see what you get. I just want to share my results cause they were right on.

K needs:
to give herself a break
to be back on the red carpet

Have fun!

Happy Couple

Here is a picture of the engaged couple. This was taken about 6 months ago. H is her little girl. She was pregnant when they met & broken up from H 's dad. So hopefully D will be able to adopt her after they are married. She is a year & 1/2 now.

D is engaged

For those of you that were wondering, my brother D is engaged to his girlfriend of 2 years C . She is not a member but a nice girl. They are getting married in April 2008.

munching on an apple

I am sure that feels so good on his teeth, but we thought it very funny.

Uncle D the Fireman

Friday we were in town because K had her baby. Well D (my brother) said they were not busy at the fire station & I should bring the kids down so they can see where he works. So we did & it was so fun. They got to climb on the fire truck and inside ambulance. S liked the dummy they use for their classes and E was scared of it. She would not so near it. I got to see what the jaws of life looks like. Also the kids got a Fire Dept t-shirt & lots of other fun stuff, stickers, plastic hat etc. They had a blast & crashed on the way home. Thanks Uncle D !!! Also a big congrats to D for passing his exam. He is now a certified Fireman & Paramedic!!! Good job! We are so proud of you.

New Baby

Here are a few pictures of my new nephew. He is so cute and such a good baby. He is totally healthy.

Welcome Baby to the World

This morning my nephew was born. He weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 20inches long. K had him via c-section and is in a lot of pain but hanging in there. The kids & I are driving over in the morning and I will get to meet my new nephew. I am so excited. I am sure pictures will follow soon.

Some cute pics of the children

This first picture is so cute- S & head phones. He sure is happy. Picture #2 E will kill me for this picture when she is older. I had to show it because I am so glad she is finally using the potty. She is on day 2 & no accidents. The last picture is of S in the car that he discovered. He has been trying to get in it every time we go outside & I finally put him in it.

Fun times....

While we were outside doing the garden, two WWII bombers flew over head. I believe that the first one was a B-17. The other one I had a harder time identifying, though it would help if I could remember how many engines it had. It was either a B-24 or a B-25, at least I remember the distinctive style of the tail. I think it was a B-25, but there isn't any way to tell now. Maybe if I had paid better attention to how many engines it had. Also, on our way home from Lowe's, as we were driving by the local (tiny) airport where we thought the planes were headed, we saw 12 factory fresh tanks (the kind with a big gun...just for clarification) sitting on rail cars. Also, the current theme hides links, there are some in this post....

one down

(Left)before picture (right)Cleaning out the weeds (yes E is in her diaper, her shorts got wet and she had to strip them off)

(left) planting the flowers
(right) the finished product.
I think we need more flowers. But all in all it is much better than before.

He loves me

DH brought home these beautiful flowers yesterday. He is so sweet. E was really excited. She is now old enough to understand what it means when daddy brings home flowers & she loves it. She always says "daddy bought me flowers." I guess I will let her live in her blissful world & think they are for her.

He better love me

OK the number one reason my husband better love me is: I MOWED THE LAWN AGAIN.
He loves it when I have an opportunity to mow the lawn. This means that is one less thing he has to do this weekend.

Wild West

These are pictures of my wild flower bed that need to be tamed. I will let you know when there is a change. Yes this is three separate flower beds. These are all in the back yard. We have a lot in the front also.

Trash Pick Up

Today I was out front with my kids. E was riding her bike and someone had busted a bottle to the side of our house on the sidewalk. She almost cut her foot. Then there was a gatorade bottle on the street near our yard. Then I saw 3 teenage boys walking home from school and they threw an empty can on my neighbors yard. I said, "you should pick that up"& he said it was not his and I said I saw you throw it. Then they just kept walking. I said I know where yall live & will tell your parents. Then they walked around the block & while I was inside they picked up the can. I went back outside & they were walking past again & I said, "look I am not trying to be mean I just want you to pick up your trash" they showed me that they pick it up & I said thank you that is so good of you.
In between the time I asked them to pick up the trash I had gone inside & called DH. We were worried they would come back and do something to our house. You know it is really sad that we have to be scared to exercise our authority as parents and adults. But I am really glad I had the courage to stand up to them & that it turned out good. Now hopefully they won't throw their trash down again, at least not when I am watching.

100 things about me

I actually sat down & did this. It was very refreshing to dig deep into my soul to come up with my 100 things about me. I hope you will take a little time to get to know me better.

1. I crave alone time.
2. My favorite color is purple.
3. I know & love sign language.
4. I could spend all day reading.
5. I want to go to New Zealand & Australia.
6. I am a very impatient person.
7. I love bags & purses.
8. I love stationary and writing utensils but rarely use them.
9. I want to be a crafty person but am never very good.
10. My husband & I are complete opposites.
11. I love Drumstix vanilla cones.
12. My pet pevee is when people get road rage.
13. I will never get my kids a pet.
14. I love being outside only when the weather is perfectly perfect.
15. I prefer watching movies in the theater.
16. I love to plan things way far in advance.
17. I like making lists.
18. I am tired of thinking of new things to cook.
19. I make spur of the moment decisions. "Ok lets go to the store, now."
20. Sometimes I will just get in the van and go, not knowing where we are headed.
21. I love to spend time around family.
22. I hate calling people, I am always worried they are too busy to talk. So I rarely call anyone.
23. I love Blogs.
24. I hate math & was never any good at it.
25. I miss old friends & think often of people who have had an impact on my life.
26. I hope I have made an impact upon people too.
27. I love it when my kids are napping.
28. I love when my husband buys me flowers, which is about once every 1 or 2 months.
29. I love to give gifts to people.
30. I love that my husband can do wood working and is currently building our kitchen table.
31. I want to take an everyday sewing class while the kids are being bsat. Too bad that is not an option.
32. I want to learn how to play the piano.
33. I want to teach another sign language class.
34. I want to learn to speak Spanish.
35. I want my next car to be a Honda Pilot. With all the extras.
36. I am ready for my next kid, but not.
37. I need a makeover.
38. I would love to have a personal chef.
39. We just got memberships to the local REC CENTER GYM . Wonder how many times we will go?
40. I have a hard time retaining facts.
41. I love LOST and can't wait for the season to start again.
42. I want thing to happen now, like Steve building my new desk.
43. I love to organize stuff.
44. I would sleep till 8am every morning if I could & go to bed at 11pm.
45. I like oatmeal the way my dad makes it (lots of sugar, butter & sausage)
46. I love to play volleyball.
47. I love our house but hate that you actually have to clean it everyday. Can't it just stay clean a little longer.
48. I hate white milk & love chocolate milk.
49. My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell Fudge Nut Brownie then Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
50. My favorite candy bar is the blue Symphony bar. (almonds & toffee chips) Skor is a close second.
51. I would like to learn how to arrange flowers.
52. I have never been to Disneyland or World & want to go.
53. Mexican food is my favorite.
54. I have to stop comparing myself to others.
55. I love to get letter or packages in the mail.
56. I want to do things my way. I usually think my way is the better way. I know it is something I am trying to overcome.
57. I love that I can tell my mom anything.
58. I am glad I am close with my brothers & sister.
59. I want people to visit me at my house. I am tired of going to theirs.
60. I can eat rice with chopsticks.
61. I love it when my husband tells me to leave & he will watch the kids.
62. I love a freshly mowed lawn.
63. I would love to put flowers in our flowerbeds but I don't want to do it.
64. I don't like getting my hands dirty.
65. I am so sick of people telling me my daughter is quite a unique challenge. yeah I know!!!!
66. My least favorite stage of my children is the toddler stage.
67. I want to go back to school and get my degree.
68. When my children are all older I want to teach.
69. I try to be sympathetic with people.
70. I worry.
71. I have a hard time using my imagination & coming up with new ideas.
72. I drink water all the time.
73. I went for a year on my mission with out eating chocolate because a lady had to give up coffee and could not do it on her own.
74. I went to California on my mission & my favorite area was Napa Valley (yep, wine country)
75. I love rolling hills.
76. I love to look out my window & see snow.
77. I am scared to death of my calling as Gospel Doctrine teacher.
78. I wish I had a quieter voice.
79. I wish I had a BFF.
80. I am glad I made good choices growing up so my kids can't air out my dirty laundry.
81. I need to be less selfish.
82. I wish there was more time in the day.
83. I want a personal nanny. It would be great not to feel bad to ask someone to babysit.
84. I want to take my husband to a Billy Cosby concert (he loves him) but it is soooo expensive.
85. I like to get things done.
86. I love my Palm Treo phone. I will never switch back to a regular phone.
87. I wonder what people think of me?
88. I wish Elvis had not come to our wedding reception.
89. Steve said maybe next year I can take a weekend trip by myself. Where should I go?
90. I love tradition.
91. But love change.
92. I love moving but miss things before.
93. Sometimes I wish I was 17 again.
94. I wish friends could go back like old times.
95. I wish I could travel in time.
96. Sometimes I wish I was invisible.
97. I love a newborn baby's innocence.
98. I want to lay on a beach.
99. I hope I can return to live with God and have him be happy at the life I have lived.
100. I am happy to be me.


Our new ward has this thing they do every year. Each month a different couple hosts dinner for a few other couples in there home. It gives everyone a chance to socialize with out the kids. November is my month to host and I need help with ideas. What do I serve 2 weeks before Thanksgiving? Dinner and desert. Also we are in charge of the activity at our house that night. What should we do? I know how creative all of you are out there, so please help me because I am lacking in that department. Thanks

1st tooth

Here is it! Spencer's 1st tooth. It took me so long to get this picture he already has another one.

more pics of Kellys shower

My Blankets

If anyone knows Emma you have seen how attached she is to her "blankets."
Well they are no more. She has grown out of the stage of needing them all the time. The old friends are being tossed aside. My little girl is growing up. But she will always be "my baby."

Our Children Are Growing Up

Emma 33 months

Spencer 10 months "almost walking"

New Callings

Well Steve started seminary today and let me say it was off to a rocky start. The kids were very talkative. Hopefully as the days continue they will show a little more respect.

I am gospel doctrine teacher and it also has been challenging. I am amazed at how much the Lord knows where we need to grow and progress and then he gives us the opportunities to do so.


I just had to add this cute one of them looking at each other.

Lil Brother & Big Sister