Today Kelly (my sister) came over and brought her daughter Kristen, Jacob (my brother's son) & Nevaeh. They had so much fun with my kids and always love to see their cousins. We swam, played games (ring around the rosies), and watched a movie. This is a cute picture of them all in the bath.

Sunday Shoes

I dressed Emma in this beautiful white dress from the GAP and she got to pick the shoes she wanted to wear. She tapped around in them for an hour before we went to church.

Chuckie Cheese

Emma and Spencer at Chuckie Cheese

San Antonio Here we come

Ok we chose to go to San Antonio, TX. We are going to get Six Flags Season passes and go both days. The Six Flags in San Antonio has a water park inside the theme park which will also be fun. We are going to save the different trip ideas for next year. We thought if we are going that far we need more time. So we are going to enjoy ourselves at Six Flags and maybe even get a tan!

Coupon Savings

So I told yall I was going to share what I learned at our money saving Enrichment night. Basically every monday go to Walmart & buy the $2.00 double decker paper (they only charged me $1.50 today). It has twice the ads. Then go and clip the ads of things your family will use. Then go to and sign up. It is $1 trial for the first month. Then every 2 months it is $10. You can cancel anytime with no penalties. You have to go to the website each week and print out a list of the one store (example: Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS, Target) you shop most from. Then she has listed all the sales from that store, (advertised and unadvertised). She even tells you when you can match your coupon with the sale in the store for a super savings. If you want to add more than one store it is $5 more. Also you can go to for Target coupons. That is the jist of it. There are more details if you are interested. You can save a ton of money on groceries. Well wish me luck! Happy Saving!

Spencer is AWAKE

Every morning when Emma wakes up, whether Spencer is awake or not, she says "mom Spencer is awake." So today we went in and she crawled in bed with him & told me to go get the camera because they looked cute.

Curl attempt

I used the sponge curlers and they worked pretty good. Next time I will have to keep them in longer. She would not sit still for a picture, she was bouncing off the walls.

Try #2

Well I used sponge curlers on this try and it was cute. It did not last very long. Next time we will put the curlers in earlier in the morning. Oh and she would not stay still for me to get a very good picture of her so this is it. She is a cutie!

The long awaited HAIRCUT

When I say long awaited I am not kidding. I have not had a haircut since before Spencer was born. He is almost 9 months old. Thanks to my wonderful husband that watched the kids this morning while I got my hair done. Here are some before and after pictures.

Free ride and no where to go!

Well since Steve started work at American Airlines we have been itching to travel and we just can't pick a place. We kinda need to be frugal about what we spend money wise. So does anyone have any ideas. I know yall read my blog, so here is your chance to live vicariously through me. Have fun!

Is he cute or what.

I just can't get enough of that cute smile. Every time I pointed the camera at him he would stop & look or smile. And yes his hair is shorter. I cut it again.

the hair that does not curl

Sunday we tried once again to curl Emma's hair. This curl lasted no more than 10 min. She has straight hair like mom that just won't curl. Oh and yes this is a recent picture with the bangs that she cut herself.

Longest 15 minutes ever

After we came home from the park today. I pulled into the garage and unlocked the door to the house and dropped off my purse and keys in the kitchen. I usually get Spencer out first and Emma is always last for the very reason I am about to tell you. But Spencer was sleeping and I thought if I get him last then maybe I can keep him asleep. Well, to no avail because Emma ran in the house and locked the garage door on us. So Spencer and I in the hot garage on a hot day and I am trying to coax my 2 year old to open the door. The only thing I hear on the other side is, "mommy you forgot your keys!" She tried a few times to open the door then .....silence. I am yelling her name, please open the door & a few other things. I am just imagining being locked out of the house all day and not knowing what to do. Well finally after the longest 15 min. ever she finally opens the door. As you can imagine she got in major trouble and I said you are taking a nap right now and in your own bed. You are not sleeping in our bed anymore. She fell asleep.......& here is proof. I am sure one day I will be able to laugh at this.

8 months old

Here is Emma & Spencer at 8 months old.

Flashback to 2006

Wow Emma sure has changed in a year!

New Haircut

I am going to get a haircut this weekend. Can anyone send me any pictures of cute hairstyles that I can choose from. Any ideas?

On a mission

Ok I am on a mission this week to save money. On thursday night we are having this lady at church talk to us about professional couponing. Should be fun. I will let you know if I learn anything useful. Does anyone out there have any money saving tips they would like to pass along?

Baseball Fanatic

Last week we went to the RAVE free movie here in town and they showed Everybody's Hero. It is a cute animated feature about a boy loves baseball and is on a journey to return a stolen bat to Babe Ruth. Well, ever since that movie Emma has been asking to play baseball. So at Walmart the other day I bought her a sponge bat & ball. Daddy and Emma played outside and had a blast. She asks to play all the time. It is so cute.

She is so cool in mom's shades

She is so cool in mom's shades

Daddy got Spencer to sleep!

Daddy's boy

Spencer's first ice cream!

Spencer's 1st ice cream!

New Car

We got a new car and are enjoying it. It is a Honda Accord 2006 EX

Making Cookies

Emma & I made cookies and she loves to cook!

Sunday before church

This past sunday after I dressed the kids for church I thought they looked so cute I wanted to take their picture. When you tell Emma to say cheese, you get this ultra cheesy smile. Spencer has not perfected his cheesiness yet.

She cut her bangs AGAIN

Well I guess looks are not important but I have to admit I was a little sad when Emma cut her hair again today this makes like the 4th time. I was reorganizing my kitchen cabinets and had set her at the table with a coloring book and crayons. I walked to the office to put something away and she said "mommy I cut my hair." Shortly followed by "only mommy & daddy can cut my hair." I should have known they would not be safe on the kitchen counter in a closed box. Man she moves fast. This photo was taken today while she was napping.