A wedding reception, a birthday party, a halloween party

So this week end we went to my cousin Farrah's son's (Matt) birthday party. They had cotton candy machine, games, and a hay ride. They also had a visit from the chicken lady herself. Emma had a blast & I enjoyed seeing my cousin and other old friends.
Then we went to Melissa's (my cousin) wedding reception. It was also nice to see so many old friends from the stake I grew up in. Then we went to a Halloween party at Christina & David's house. She let the kids paint pumpkins, decorate cookies, they had a pinata, and had poppers (the kind you throw on the ground) and light sabers (as Emma called them), they are the light up necklaces you get at the fair. Over all we had a busy but very fun day! (the baby is John & Lavonda's son- Hunter) my nephew


marcia@joyismygoal 10:44 AM  

what a fun filled weekend

Allyson 11:14 AM  

Sounds like fun. I think it is rude I didn't get invited to my own nephews rockin' b-day party. You look purdy in the pictures Kathy. Oh, and when Steve isn't looking, change the blog back to they way you had it.

Kathryn 6:18 PM  

Kathy - I saw your pic of Emma doing a back bend a few posts ago, and she really is talented naturally! Very nice flexibility - I hope you guys keep her in it. I am a HUGE gymnastics fan and know quite a bit about the sport - that's so neat that you guys have her into that!

txmommy 5:10 AM  

wow! you're a party girl!!

Allyson 7:39 AM  

See, there you go. You did it! And it looks great.

Just cause you married a computer nerd doesn't mean your blog has to suffer. (just kidding Steve!)

Grandma A 3:49 PM  

You look so pretty. Looks like you all had such a fun time.
Miss you.
Love n' hugs.