Tears & Sleep or the Lack thereof

Sunday was a horrible day from start to finish. My highlight was 1 hour of laughing with the girls in Choir. Thanks ladies!

Why was it horrible you ask. We have to begin on Saturday. Both the kids work up at 4am. Then they had a nap and went to bed about 9:30 because of a ward act. Anyways so by Sunday morning you would think they would sleep in. No, they both woke up at 5:30am, not too much better than the day before. (mind you mom did not get a nap sat). So by the time 8:30am rolled around we went to church. Emma & Spencer both were horrible in Sacrament. Steve eventually took Emma home to sleep. Spencer was perfect when sister was not their to cultivate the madness. He went to nursery and I taught my Sunday School lesson & went to RS. Then when we got home from church I had before mentioned choir for an hour. Then I came home starving and ready for a nap. Did I get one? No. Steve informed me he needed a treat to take to the seminary mtg that night at 7pm & we had no quick dessert things in the house. The only thing I had was the stuff to make homemade cinnamon rolls. Yes Yummy! Thanks LEXI for the recipe. But this meant I had to make it (in an already dirty kitchen). I was not in the mood to stand on my feet or have to think. But I did it. It took several hours to make because you have to let them rise 3 different times. So they were ready from the mtg and turned out good. I did get a short hour nap later on (not long enough).
During all this frustration of making the cinnamon rolls, Emma used the left over powdered sugar and a banana that she smashed to make a bigger mess making her own "cinnamon rolls". She said "they had to rise". I should of thought this cute at the time but did not even though I did allow it. Hey it was keeping her out of my hair. Earlier Emma dropped a small glass bowl & it broken into a million pieces. That just added to the grumpiness of our household. So the point of this very long post is........ amid the stress I turned on the Primary CD & Emma started singing "If the Savior Stood Beside Me, would I do the things I do?" I just about started to cry. Hearing her sweet little voice and knowing she knew the words to that sweet song, just touched my spirit.


jessica & co. 10:13 AM  

leave it to a child to bring peace (and a touch of guilt :-) to your home.
i had a sunday like that, too...though minus the cinnamon rolls.
hope things get back on track soon!

nikko 12:38 PM  

Ugh. Sorry you had a bad day. Some days are just like that! Hugs!

The Texas Bakers 4:48 PM  

I figured it had to be something like that when I didn't see her in Primary. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't get a nap, either. I am glad to hear that she knows the song, though.

txmommy 7:05 PM  

sounds like a horrible day. Your rolls sound yummy though and I am sure things will get better.

She is a cutie :)

kelly 9:06 AM  

yeah, i heard about you day... sorry! Just remember hevenly father gave you emma because he knows you can handle her! : ) and doesnt it make it worth it when that happens.. I love hearing kk sing I am a child of god. I think... at least i am doing one thing right! : )
Tell emma we love and miss her!

I have a good life 6:49 PM  

So sorry. Yikes! What a hard day. If it helps you any, I heard many comments about the wonderful lesson you taught. So, tired and all, you were prepared and gave a wonderful lesson! :)