Rain, Zoo, Birds

Here is Spencer trying to catch a bird. It was so funny. He was loving it.
Emma got this bird on her stick all by herself. She was very proud of herself. She was so patient with them, it was cute to see her talking to them gently. She even told 2 of them to share the seed.
I took the kids to the zoo even though it was drizzling. They were very excited to be there!
It has been raining a lot lately. Plus side is our lawn is beautiful!


Maren 10:27 AM  

I had to do a double take...Emma is hugging an iguana!?!?! Gross! :)

Kathy 11:06 AM  

It is not real! Ha! That made me laugh!

Jenn 1:19 PM  

Oh glad to know it wasn't real. You'd never know by the look on her face. Geez!

txmommy 7:47 AM  

oh we should have coordinated and gone together! The zoo was perfect this week :)

marcia@joyismygoal 6:32 PM  

what fun i miss the zoo--the shower was so nice

Kelly 7:10 AM  

how fun...
emma wouldnt of cared if it was real!!lol