FW stockyards

I took the kids to the FW Stockyards today. We got to see Cowboys take a herd of cattle down the main street. We walked through the museum (waste, if you ask me). I liked all the little shops along the main street. As you can see the kids had fun trying on the Cowboy hats. Then we had lunch at one of the fun little western places. Emma wanted to ride the mechanical bull & they said she could but I decided I did not want to waste $5 for a 8 second ride. Over all it was a fun day with lots of walking.
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I have a good life 1:22 PM  

It is a fun place to go (once or twice at least!). Sounds like you had a blast with your kids. What a great mom you are!

PS Thanks for the kind words on my blog.

The letter 'M' 3:04 PM  

Ouch! $5 for a ride?! It looks like you still had plenty of fun playing cowboys and girls for the day. Maybe we'll make it to TX one of these days too. I could use a change right about now ;-)

Allyson 11:42 PM  

Kathy, looks like you have been having fun.

You aren't the last person to finish it. I haven't started Breaking Dawn yet. I am almost done with the host. I thought I would finish it on vacation and be part way through BD but didn't happen. Now I have to pack and move in 2 weeks and I don't think I will have much time for reading.

kelly 9:14 AM  

How fun!