Primary Activity & our day

This morning Emma had a primary activity. They first had a talk on service from our Bishop. Then they gathered & sorted school supplies for the needy. Then they got to do water games outside. Too bad it was 78 degrees outside (not a usual August day in Texas). We left a little early because my kids got up at 4:00 am this morning.
I tried to go home and put them down for a nap at about 11:30am but they were not tired enough. So we decided to go to Khols and use out $10 we got in the mail. My sunglasses recently broke so I got a new pair. They were originally priced at $26 then on sale for $10.40 so I ended up paying 40 cents for my new NINE WEST shades.
Then we got lunch and took it to the park. The kids played till Spencer was rubbing his eyes. Emma met a little girl her age Sofia and they played so well the entire time. She did not want to leave. Then on the way home we called Grandma Fowler to wish her happy bday! We love u!
The kids are now zonked out for naps. It is working out great cause we have our ward Pool Party tonight from 7:30 - 9:30pm and they need to be rested for that.


I have a good life 1:33 PM  

Such a busy ward day yesterday...but so fun! :)

The Texas Bakers 4:47 PM  

Man, I'd recognize that belly anywhere!! I didn't get any pics of the inside stuff.

kelly 9:11 AM  

funny... last night i went to Jcpenneys... I neeeded to use my $10 thing too. I decieded that i wanted new black sunglasses cus i only have brown and white (cus im going to be wearing black on friday, I am going to go to sixflags) so i needed black ones to match.... point of all this you ask????
mine where also on sale for $13 org. $26 so i ended up paying $3 for mine!!! not as good as deal as you... but funny we both did the same thing!!! :)