Cabin Fever

Well my husband mentioned he thought Emma & Spencer had a little cabin fever so today I took them to Chuckie Cheese. I really hate going there but they had fun.

I also went with my friend Colleen to visit our friend Holly who is in the hospital. She had her baby Tues. He is such a cutie. We had a fun visit with them. Oh darn I should have snatched a picture. I love holding newborns. It sure does make me want to have another. ok maybe not.


Kelly 1:09 PM  

I would rather be at cc then here at work!!! : )

Audrey 2:01 PM  

Chuckie Cheese is just one of those necessary evils, huh? Glad you guys could get out. My kids haven't left the house once this week since John has gone back to work and I haven't felt quite up to going out yet. I hope they won't be scarred for life! :)

I have a good life 10:53 PM  

I can't wait to see Holly's baby. How fun that you two got to go down to the hospital to see him! :)