I look like my.......

Who do the kids look like. Jessica this post is for you!
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Kelly 7:04 AM  

OMG... (oh my gosh) Cant tell who there parents are!!!lol

Colleen 8:20 PM  

I seriously was looking for the picture of you and was wondering why you posted 2 pics of Emma! The only thing that gave it away was that the pic of you was a little older, and I finally noticed that.

They both look like you, hands down!

Farrah 8:31 PM  

I think they both look like you.

The Acosta Family 11:06 AM  

I have always told you that Emma looks just like you, but Spencer looks like you, too.

Kathy 9:40 AM  

Emma is just a little you, but then so is Spencer! Jen and I look so much alike it's crazy!

The Tall and Short of it 7:09 PM  

Holy cow! They both look just like you! I agree Colleen, they both look just like you, or like Emma. . . either way, WOW!