If the Savior stood beside me

Last night we had Enrichment at church. It was a very spiritual night. First we had a slideshow put to music with pictures all about the Savior. It was nice to have a time set aside to just think about and focus on the Savior and all that he has done for others and myself. I was really impressed when I saw the picture of him when he was about age 10 and teaching the doctors in the temple. I thought about boys I have known that are age 10 & wow what a difference. I thought if the Savior served others at any time in his life then I better not make any excuses about my situation in life. I should just serve. Also someone said "Jesus did not plan to serve, he just "went about" serving.


Jenn 10:14 AM  

Thanks I really need to read/hear this. I wish we had MORE spiritually based enrichments

txmommy 2:17 PM  

I don't mind, I put it up for you. Emma was the sharpest in the pictures :) That was fun.

Kathy 7:18 PM  

Thanks Lana!