Picture Day

Steve took pictures of Kelly (my sister) & I at the park. We had so much fun, laughing and being dumb! We also went to the temple did a session & were able to witness Michelle & Cliff's sealing, it was beautiful! I love the Temple. We had a great day!


Kelly 1:21 PM  

I had fun!! ... I wish I wasnt wearing my flipflops in this pic!lol

txmommy 3:16 PM  

I love the first photo of you, your eyes are so sparkly and fun! and you look so pretty!

I have a good life 3:30 PM  

Wow! You are always so gorgeous and so darn photogenic! I love these pictures of you! :)

Stacy 7:22 PM  

What nice pictures! Amy found me on facebook but I can't confirm her for some reason. It's Amy B. Parker.

The Acosta Family 9:06 AM  

love the pics

Kathy 10:30 PM  

You two look like you had fun! What pretty girls you both are.

The Tall and Short of it 7:06 PM  

I love the pics! You look so cute! I love your pics that you take. They are great.