Mondays to do list:

Today I am finishing up on the project Steve worked on Saturday. He built more shelves to go in our office closet. For those of you that have seen that closet it was not a pretty sight! Everything was thrown in there because there was no room for things elsewhere. Now we are painting the closet and new shelves white. He did most all the work. I just did the finishing touches this morning. I am excited to get it in there and organized. No the closet does not look like this but maybe someday it will. HAHA!
On another note. I saw Phantom of the Opera about a week or 2 ago on our "free" cable. I have never seen it before & always wanted to watch it. Well I loved it. I dream of the day Steve can take me to see a production of it. Speaking of Play/Operas, as I am typing I am listening to Les Miserables & I am really wanting to go to a production. We actually sang this one in my high school choir & I have fond memories of that. Love it! Believe me that is just part of the list of plays I want to see. Others are Mama Mia (never seen),I want to take Steve to see Spamalot because he LOVES Monte Python. Oh man there are so many I can not list.

Tell me your favorite Broadway play!


Maren 2:10 PM  

We didn't get to see Wicked when we were in New York...but we realize we HAVE to see it at some point. It's on both of our life lists.

Kelly 7:27 AM  

Hold on you were in chior??? I didnt know that...

Kathy 7:40 AM  

Yes in middle school and my freshman year of high school.

Audrey 2:06 PM  

It's a toss up between Bye Bye Birdie and Little Shop of Horrors, both of which I played bass guitar for in high school performances.

Anne-Marie 2:08 PM  

I have only seen Phantom and Camelot in theatre...between the 2, I liked Camelot way better! I have heard the same with Wicked vs. Phantom. I plan to see Wicked summer 2009 when it comes to San Antonio! After seeing Camelot, I got the theatre bug too...I wish I could justify seeing more. We plan to make it a tradition to see at least one show a year. I have ALWAYS wanted to see Les Mis.

Betsy 10:48 AM  

I have seen tons of plays! I did a semester of college in London and tried to see just about everything. I love musical theater. My top two favorites are Les Miserables and Wicked. The are interchangeable--both great for different reasons. My third favorite is Miss Saigon. Which many people may find weird because I'm such a Molly-Mormon--but the story just pulls at my heartstrings.