Emma's 1st day of Gymnastics

Emma waiting for class to begin. She was so excited. She asked me everyday:" Is today the day for Gymnastics Class?"
This is Emma on the left. Her teacher's name is Julie and she is awesome. Very patient, positive and does a great job teaching the kids. We are so excited. The parents are allowed to come in the last 5 minutes so the kids can show off what they learned. Emma's trick of choice was the hopping on the balance beam. She has really good balance, I was impressed. This is just what my little busy body needs.Posted by Picasa


txmommy 1:40 PM  

yeah! How fun for Emma!!

Cathi 11:36 AM  

Just beware - my parents put me in gymnastics about that age to use up my energy and I didn't stop for 12 years! I did love it and I wouldn't trade those 12 years for anything though.

Kelly 1:20 PM  

I'm so glad she gets to do gymnastics!