Treasure hunt leads to the Big Prize

Well this is what I came home to on Saturday. Well I did not exactly find a chest full of gold coins, but I did find one clue that said "To find what you want, follow the clues." Then it had a picture of my new ipod nano (black). So it took me about 45 minutes (it was pretty hard) to get through 6 clues. With each clue that I found he left a piece of the prize with it. For example the adapter cord, the box, the instructions etc.

I want to thank my husband for being so creative and making it such a surprise and so fun to receive my early mothers day gift. I also want to tell him I am sorry for being such a pill while he was trying to surprise me. I Love you honey!


Katy 7:01 PM  

I am so excited for your new IPOD. That will make working out so much better.

Marissa 8:13 PM  

That is so fun-what a cute idea!