Central Market

Would you like to receive this as a gift? Yummy. Well these are the type of little yummies they have at Central Market. This is our favorite place to shop. For those of you out of towners, it compares to a Whole Foods. But we seem to have found a few more favorites here at Central Market. Free balloons for the kiddos upon entry. Playground for the kids to play. Thevery yummy Italian Soda - Blood Orange Flavor. The yummy Cranberry & Orange Scones. The fresh flour tortillas, the curd cheese, bacon & blue cheese potato salad, many kinds of fresh bread & many more! Just wanted to make your mouth water, cause I know mine is!


Allyson 9:23 PM  

I've never been to Central Market but I have heard lots about it. I will have to try it out next time I'm in that neck of the woods.

Jenn Wilson 6:14 AM  

I'm very hungry now. That basket is beautiful too. I love Whole Foods. When Markus and I lived right behind it, we'd go there when we were bored and just walk around and eat the samples. It was fun and filling at times.