More pics from the GARDENS!
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Holly 10:23 PM  

What cute pictures! I love Spencer's face in the first picture, such a cutey.

Allyson 9:44 AM  

Love the faces Spencer's making.

jessica & co. 2:47 PM  

what great pictures. spencer must be quite the ham.

Kathy 9:53 PM  

What a cute kid! I could just eat him up!

Allyson 9:58 AM  

Hey, have you read Poisonwood Bible, we have talked about reading it in my book club, but never have actually chosen it as one of our books. Just wondering if it is good.

Kathy 11:36 AM  

Allison- I am about to read it I need to finish my current book. I have only heard good things about it. I will let you know when I read it.

Jenn 9:51 PM  

I love the pictures! What camera did yall use??

Kathy 6:37 PM  

We used Canon Digital Rebel