I was going to look further into the book talked about below so I could more fully understand his point of view & then the more I thought about it................I said to myself. I am sure there is some truth in what he says but I am not going to spend my time searching for his bits of truth instead I am going to focus my studies in the scriptures and of the words of the prophets, where everything they say is truth. I will not have to try to decide if it is true or false.


Kathy 7:55 PM  

Kathy, I picked this up at work when it was checked in and thumbed through and I have to agree, we need to stick to the prophets teachings and the scriptures...what more do we need?

Joshua 8:56 AM  

Kathy, I have to thank you for the last post, because over the last week I have been on a huge, life changing spiritual journey. It's funny to me how one book can mean so many different things to different people: Even us, who were brought up in the same faith. Before, I didn't read the whole book. I only made it through the first chapter, but now I'm half way through, and it has really boosted my faith and has shown me how to "liken the scriptures" in every moment, in every thought. Of course, Tolle has some different views than my own, but he is right on with the message he's trying to get across. I'm not trying to convince you to read it, but I do want you to know that whoever did that you tube video focused mostly on Oprah, and I truly wish she wasn't endorsing the book. That person probably made a similar video on Mormonism!

Stacy Hutchinson 8:59 AM  

The comment above was me, not Josh! I always forget to make sure I'm signed in instead of him!