This is my current want. Steve said he will probably get it for me for Mother's Day! I can't wait to have my own music when I workout & when we travel. Those are my biggest uses for it. So pretty much every other day it would get used if not more. I can't decide on the color, I might just get Silver.


Cathi 8:26 AM  

David got me an IPOD for my b-day back in Feb - it's great! I got a classic one so I can watch movies too! And I got black since it'll blend in easily that way. Love it!

Kathy 10:21 PM  

Amber just got one from Brandon for their "one year dating" anniversary. She is so excited.

Jenn Wilson 12:16 PM  

The NANO is good for working out. Just tell Steve not to go for bigger (like Markus did) b/c I've heard the VIDEO ipod has a rotating hard drive?? and it's not good for working out. I haven't had any probs with mine, but my sister has. FYI

Meghan 6:07 AM  

I want one too!!! If I were getting one, I'd get a red one, it's my favorite color. But, they are all cute. Hope you get one :)