Can you quess?

Like most children her age (3) Emma is a picky eater. There are only a few things we can get her to eat. Can you guess what her favorite is?


Stacy Hutchinson 1:13 PM  

Let's see...Chicken nuggets or mac & cheese?

Allyson 2:19 PM  

Hey, that was going to be my exact guess. Chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. If you are having trouble getting her to eat, just don't give her a choice, my kids eat what I make, or they don't eat at all. They are all 4 alive and well today. And they eat a lot of stuff most kids won't eat.

Katy 6:45 PM  

At my house it is marshmallows, but at your house I would think that it is blueberries or some other fruit and fruit snacks. She also likes bread and ham. But that now kinda sounds like a prison meal. But those are my guesses.

The Awesome Rawsons 7:11 PM  

I was going to say cheese. Its one of the only foods sadie can ask for by name. I didn't know there were any huddlestons around here. our address is 20614 Stone Oak Pkwy. San Antonio, TX 78258. Let me know what you find out!

Meghan 6:05 AM  

Macaroni and Cheese??? That's my toddlers favorite. He loves it!!

Kathy 7:42 AM  

C- They both live about 35 min from yall. They live south of yall. By the way it is Johnny & Anne Marie (Adam's brother).

Kristen 2:01 PM  

my guess is ice cream.......she is a fowler